Friday, March 24, 2006

Italy Trip

Ithink I am managing to get to know this system now, (at least I hope so) as I have posted some pictures on the site.
Can some one let me know if what I am doing is correct, as I have some more photo's which I feel may of interest to others


Blogger Ron Goldstein said...

Hi Ray

You are almost there !

You will see that you have posted the Cassino picture twice, get to the dashboard (see FAQ) and delete the one without the added comment.

Keep the stories and pictures coming and see if you can get yourself a picture for your profile (see FAQ for more help)

Cheers !

Friday, 24 March, 2006  
Blogger Peter G said...


An excellent set of photos, the Salerno beach one is particularly dramatic.

As Ron says, you are doing fine. Post as large a photo as you wish, but try selecting the smallest size to appear in the Post, clicking on the small image will always take you to the full size image.

You can also put several photos in one Post, you are not restricted to a single one. But these are refinements, and if you feel happier just Posting one photo at a time, please do so.

Tell me if there is anything in the FAQ which you find confusing. I have tried to approach it from an inexperienced user's point of view, but that isn't always possible and I may have inadvertently taken for granted things that others find difficult.

I constantly revise the FAQ in the light of what others experience, so your feedback is very useful.

Friday, 24 March, 2006  
Blogger Peter G said...

I have added an explanation in the FAQ of how to attach a number of photos to a single Post.

See the FAQ question Can I send more than one picture to a Post?

Friday, 24 March, 2006  

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