Thursday, August 31, 2006

A reminder to all Members

Could I respectfully remind you to keep all Postings short? Latterly we have all been slipping a bit. If you have a longish story to tell then Post a maximum of two paragraphs in the initial Post (in most cases one paragraph will suffice) then continue with your contribution in Comments, continuing from where you left off.

There are several reasons for this, amongst which:

1. It keeps the Blog tidy and snappy.
2. The Blog loads faster.
3. It saves an awful lot of scrolling.


Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

Yes. Point taken.

For the latest postings I've posted a photgraph and a short description. A photograph and a few apt words will often suffice for the front page.

I trust this has been short and to the point?

Thursday, 31 August, 2006  
Blogger Ron Goldstein said...


Don't worry.... Peter wasn't referring to your splendid offerings but merely to my own humble efforts.

As I ALWAYS obey St.Peters edicts, my stories will hence-force be in the proscribed manner


Friday, 01 September, 2006  
Blogger Peter G said...

Watch it you two! I've got my eye on you. Anymore lip and you'll be reported to RSM Mee.

Friday, 01 September, 2006  

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