Sunday, November 19, 2006

Two Oldies get together on parade

Once a year, on the following Sunday after the British Legion Annual Remembrance ceremony, AJEX (association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen & Women) meet at the cenotaph to remember the fallen.
Lew (Larry Fox) and I are always there to keep things in order and I usually manage to record the event


Blogger Tomcann said...

How you can both stand upright with the weight of all those medals is beyond me - I have enough trouble with minatures, at the same time I suppose wearing them on a Tuxedo has something to do with the single malts in the hand !

Monday, 20 November, 2006  
Blogger Ron Goldstein said...


For the purists amongst us who like attention to detail, zoom in and note the IVth Hussar cap badge in my lapel and the Regimental Tie.

My old (literally) friend Lew has adopted the General Montgomery syndrome and goes in for loads of badges in his beret :)

Monday, 20 November, 2006  
Blogger Tomcann said...

Ron - both items duy noted - however unlike that chap Monty - I am entitled to wear the Black Beret and the 16/5th badge although I must admit that the new small type berets are rubbish and looks like they tried to economise on material - I would rather have my old one which at least came down to the right ear.

Monday, 20 November, 2006  
Blogger Peter G said...

I see that Lew is wearing the AJEX Tie and has the Veteran's Badge on his lapel. So far, all well and good, although RSM Mee might have something to say about that raffish angle of his beret. :)

Monday, 20 November, 2006  
Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

Well, you could have smiled Ron! It is good that you still meet up at Remembrance time. Long may it continue.

Tuesday, 21 November, 2006  

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