Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Database of Jewish Civilian Casualties in WW2

Some of you may remember reading postings by Harold Pollins on the old BBC WW2 People's War site.

Harold has recently established  a database of Jewish Civilian Casualties in WW2 and asked if a link could be posted on this Blog.

The second link takes you to the:
 Jewish Genealogical Society.


Blogger niccar said...

Hi Ron I felt that your posting regarding the civilian Jewish population that died as a result of the German bombing during the second world war brought back some vivid memories of the blitz because I was a young lad myself and went through the nightly raids the streets where most of those poor souls lost there lives is were I grew up Stepney and every street and road mentioned was very well known to me indeed
Stepney was a very cosmopolitan place with people from every religion living happily
together (perhaps poverty was the greatest leveller still that’s another story)
Like so many other men in the area my father was a dock labourer and as most ships were diverted away from London to other ports he was told to go to Bristol but refused on the grounds he would not leave my Mother so he along with my oldest brother that was unfit for military service joined the A.R.P.and was assigned to work at the Stepney Mortuary where along with a police officer their job was to collect the poor souls that had lost their lives a more thankless job one couldn’t imagine but someone had to do it
regards niccar

Thursday, 06 December, 2007  

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