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Cooking on the Home Front during WW2

Professional chefs helping the BBC "People's War" project:
The chefs are Ricky Andalcio (left) and John Crouch (middle)
Outside the Asda superstore, Carlisle, Cumbria (6 July 2005)
They are being assisted by a lady from the store.

[Photograph by J. Ritson
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Additional information

Contributing to the BBC "People's War" project

Cumbrian based professional chefs Ricky Andalcio from Whitehaven and John Crouch from Wigton took part in a 'Ready Steady, Cook' cookery contest using WW2 recipes as part of BBC Radio Cumbria's contribution to the "People's War" project, assisted by one of the ladies from the Carlisle Asda store. The cookery exhibition took place outside the store on Tuesday 6 July 2005 during a live outside radio broadcast.

One thing that perhaps united British housewives above all other things during the Second World War was food rationing, and the consequential problem of cooking for a household. By and large, Service men and women did not have this problem - or at least not in the same way - they just eat what was provided. As a volunteer researcher for the BBC "People's War" project between 2004 and 2006, this was one of the things ladies who remembered the war years would tell me.

In an attempt to recreate the 'flavour' of the war years one event I helped out at in July 2005 was a 'Ready, Steady, Cook' competition between two professional celebrity chefs with restaurants in Cumbria. The two chefs were Ricky Andalcio, owner of two restaurants in Whitehaven, and John Crouch owner of a Restaurant in Wigton. Ricky and John regularly put on cookery demonstrations for the modern housewife at events in Cumbria (and of course househusband!). Both Ricky and John are well known through appearances on regional television and radio.

The task was for Ricky and John to use ingredients and recipes from WW2 and create the type of meal a family may have eaten. This competition was part of an outside radio broadcast at the Asda Superstore, Carlisle during the 'Val Armstrong' mid morning show. At the same time some of the BBC staff, and volunteers such as myself, gave out leaflets about the "People's War" project and hopefully some of the shoppers would tell their wartime memories.

As one may have expected, this proved to be a highly successful day. For the record, Ricky's 'Rabbit Stew' recipe proved to be the winner!

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