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"Let there be music and dance"

A photograph of Walter Laird and Andé Lyons during a cabaret demonstration
'Laird and Lyons', together with Frank Spencer and Peggy Spencer, formed the 'Dual Dancers'
Photograph from collection of Mrs Andé Tyrer (Lyons)
Together with Frank Spencer and Peggy Spencer, Walter Laird and Andé Lyons were one half of the cabaret dancing act the 'Dual Dancers'. Building upon the popular development in dancing during and immediately after the Second World War the 'Dual Dancers' were demonstrated a wide repertoire of dances. Frank, Peggy, Walter and Andé were among the best exponents of Ballroom and Latin American dances, which can explain in part their popularity at the time.

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The 'Dual Dancers' cabaret act tended to embrace all styles of music and dance of the time, such as the Jitterbug and Jive which became popular as a result of the influx to Britain of American G.I.s during the war year. However, the 'Dual Dancers' would also pay tribute to the routines of the Hollywood dancers Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers which British audiences would have seen at the cinemas. The above photograph shows 'Laird and Lyons' performing one such dance tribute to the Hollywood couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

An image of Fred Astaire dancing can be seen on the stage behind Walter and Andé. Strangely, there is no image of Ginger Rogers on the photograph. It used to be said of Ginger Rogers that she danced all the steps that Fred Astaire did, only backwards and in high heels! In time of war, in spite of all trouble and strife, music and dance provided a welcome distraction and keep the morale high.

Let there always be music and dance!

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