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RAF Millom Museum, Cumbria

This is link to the websiite of RAF Millom:
RAF Millom Museum

It is definitely worth a look, and contains much useful information for anyone with an interest in the RAF during and after WW2, the war years in Cumbria and WW2 generally.


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The following extract from a leaflet about the Museum gives the following brief summary of the history of RAF Millom from the war years until the present day:

"RAF Millom opened in January 1941 as No.2 Bombing and Gunnery School and in summer became No. 2 Air Observer School. In 1942 it became No. 2 Observer Advanced Flying Unit until 1944 after with it became a Polish Resettlement Corp Depot and in 1949 it was put under care and maintenance until 1952 when it was reopened for a 12 month period as No.1 Officer Cadet Training Unit. It was then again put under care and maintenance until 1954 when various army regiments passed through the Civil Defence Training School until HM Prison Service took it over in 1967, who remain the current occupier.

The RAF Millom Museum started in 1992 as a one weekend only display and has since grown to what you can see today based around the RAF Officers Mess and Squash Court.

The museum is staffed by volunteers from the local community, veterans, enthusiasts and members of the partner groups."


Thursday, 01 July, 2010  
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In the late summer of 2010 RAF Millom Museum has unfortunately been forced to close its doors for the last time. The problem has been caused by operation costs, particularly in difficult financial times.

Many of the collection of photographs and memorabilia, loaned to the Mseum have been returned to the owners. Some of the various artefacts have ben rehoused, some at Millom Folk Museum and some at another RAF Museum at Crosby-on-Edan near Carlisle.

I would like to record my personal thanks to all the staff and volunteers at the Museum who have helped my personal research over the years. There is now a big gap in where to learn about people and events of WWII in Cumbria and further afield.

Friday, 01 October, 2010  

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