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The Gibraltar Memorial and 'Cross of Sacrifice'

1. The C.W.G.C. 'Cross of Sacrifice', Gibraltar (1)
(With the "Gibraltar Memorial" behind)
[Winston Churchill Avenue, Gibraltar
2. The C.W.G.C. 'Cross of Sacrifice', Gibraltar (2)
(With the "Gibraltar Memorial" panels behind)
[Winston Churchill Avenue, Gibraltar
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Additional information


The Commonwealth War Graves Commission's Cross of Sacrifice at Gibraltar is located on Winston Churchill Avenue adjacent to the Gibraltar airfield (seen in the above photographs). Behind the Cross of Sacrifice are stone panels listing the names of 100 casualties from the two World Wars. These can be seen behind the Cross of Sacrifice in the photographs above.

The CWGC Cross of Sacrifice, made of Cornish granite' is of the same style found in CWGC cemeteries throughout the world. It was unveiled on Armistice Day, 11 November 1922 by the Governor of Gibraltar, Sir Horace Lockwood Smith-Dorrien GCB, GCMG, DSO, ADC to commemorate the Fallen of the 1914 - 1918 war. After WW2 the dates 1939 - 1945 were added to the Cross of Sacrifice.

The memorial containing the names is officially known by the Commission as the 'Gibraltar Memorial'. However, it should be noted this is a different memorial from the one on Line Wall Road (the one that is also known as the 'British Memorial').

Most of the casualties listed on the panels of the Gibraltar Memorial are from the Second World War. The majority of these WW2 casualties were airmen lost or buried at sea near Gibraltar.

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WW1 casualties commemorated by the Gibraltar Memorial

There are nine WW1 casualties commemorated by the Gibraltar Memorial. Seven of these nine WW1 casualties (listed 1 - 7 below) lost their lives on 3 November 1915 when the S.S. "Woodfield" was captured and sunk by the German submarine U-38 about 40 miles ESE of Cueta, North Africa. The other two casualties (Nos 8 and 9 below) died in 1921 (i.e. after the Armistice of 1918) but still within the years commemorated by the CWGC.

These are the First World War casualties commemorated by the Gibraltar Memorial (listed below firstly in date order, then alphabetically by surname):

1. Private Arthur CADMAN (died 03/11/1915)
2. Private Arthur COOMBER (died 03/11/1915)
3. Driver William Alfred DOUGALL (died 03/11/1915)
4. Driver Seth JACKSON (died 03/11/1915)
5. Private Reginald Francis RUCK (died 03/11/1915)
6. Private Robert SORLEY (died 03/11/1915)
7. Private James Morrison WATT (died 03/11/1915)
8. Private Charles Edward WINZAR (died 02/05/1921)
9. Sergeant Vincent Howard COLLINS (died 10/08/1921)

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WW2 casualties commemorated by the Gibraltar Memorial

There are ninety-one WW2 casualties commemorated by the Gibraltar Memorial. Seven of these were soldiers, all of whom died in 1940 (listed Nos 1 - 7 below). The remaining eighty-four casualties were airmen, who died between 1942 and 1946 (listed Nos 8 - 91 below).

These are the Second World War soldiers commemorated by the Gibraltar Memorial (listed below in date order):

1. Captain Harold Reuben TRYTHALL (died 25/09/1940)
2. Serjeant John William SCOTT (died 03/10/1940)
3. Sapper Leonard YOUNG (died 25/10/1940)
4. Private Walter SCOTT (died 25/10/1940)
5. Signalman John GRAY (died 26/10/1940)
6. Lance Serjeant John George MILLER (died 07/11/1940)
7. Private Nicholas MULLIGAN (died 22/11/1940)

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These are the Second World War airmen commemorated by the Gibraltar Memorial (listed below in date order):

8. Sergeant William Samuel Charles ATHERTON (died 09/01/1942)
9. Sergeant Robert Stanley PARKER (died 28/04/1942)
10. Sergeant Barry NUTTALL (died 25/09/1942)
11. Flight Sergeant Leslie Ernest MARJOREM (died 25/09/1942)
12. Sergeant George Stanley Anderson THOMSON (died 06/10/1942)
13. Sergeant Robert Samuel MANKTELOW (died 06/10/1942)
14. Flying Officer James Johnstone WRIGHT (died 06/10/1942)
15. Flying Officer James Osborn Barker WRAITH (died 06/10/1942)
16. Sergeant Scott HENNEY (died 06/10/1942)
17. Corporal David Alan Rufus BROOKES (died 14/10/1942)
18. Corporal John Adolph Park GORSTEN (died 29/10/1942)
19. Sergeant David William James SPENCER (died 31/10/1942)
20. Warrant Officer Class II Charles Edward MUTCH (died 31/10/1942)
21. Warrant Officer Class II Rupert Henry DAVEY (died 31/10/1942)
22. Pilot Officer John William WILLIAMS (died 31/10/1942)
23. Flight Lieutenant Edwin Herbert GLAZEBROOK (died 31/10/1942)
24. Flight Lieutenant Erik Lawson HETHERINGTON (died 31/10/1942)
25. Flight Lieutenant Gordon Webster THOROUGHGOOD (died 21/11/1942)
26. Flight Sergeant Grant Lawrence HENNING (died 21/11/1942)
27. Sergeant Ronald Charles SIMMON (died 05/12/1942)
28. Flight Sergeant Alan John HAYTER (died 15/12/1942)
29. Sergeant Richard Frank EVANS (died 31/12/1942)
30. Sergeant David Weiss DAVIS (died 31/12/1942)
31. Sergeant Henry Edwin ASH (died 12/03/1943)
32. Flying Officer Harold James CROWE (died 12/03/1943)
33. Sergeant Ronald Charles Granville RICKETT (died 12/03/1943)
34. Flying Officer Brian Wallis POLSON (died 12/03/1943)
35. Flight Sergeant MACKIE (died 24/04/1943)
36. Sergeant William Barrie McCALLUM (died 24/04/1943)
37. Warrant Officer Class I John McKinnon MAIN (died 24/04/1943)
38. Flight Sergeant Joseph Leonard OAKLEY (died 11/05/1943)
39. Flight Lieutenant Eric Edwar SERGEANT (died 11/05/1943)
40. Sergeant John Alwyn FISHER (died 11/05/1943)
41. Sergeant Thomas Herbert Arthur KNIGHT (died 11/05/1943)
42. Flying Officer George Martello GRAY (died 26/05/1943)
43. Squadron Leader Brian Edward Ratcliffe BOWDEN (died 29/05/1943)
44. Sergeant Nathaniel CHARNELL (died 29/05/1943)
45. Sergeant Robert Joseph DUNCAN (died 29/05/1943)
46. Flight Sergeant Harold Sterling BROWN (died 09/06/1943)
47. Sergeant George Edward NOBLE (died 09/06/1943)
48. Sergeant Kenneth Bevan COOPER (died 09/06/1943)
49. Sergeant Michael Leslie Vernin WATSON (died 09/06/1943)
50. Warrant Officer Class I Arthur Robert WEBSTER (died 09/06/1943)

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51. Pilot Officer George Water TIBBETTS (died 09/06/1943)
52. Flying Officer Edward Russell FREE (died 09/06/1943)
53. Pilot Officer George Eric Frederick JOHNSTON (died 09/06/1943)
54. Flight Sergeant George Brotchie Robertson GERRY (died 04/07/1943)
55. Sergeant Francis Simpson KELLY (died 04/07/1943)
56. Warrant Officer Class II Richard Clare SMITH (died 12/07/1943)
57. Flight Lieutenant Richard Alfred COATMAN (died 12/07/1943)
58. Sergeant Ronald Ernest DEFROAND (died 12/07/1943)
59. Corporal William BROWN (died 11/08/1943)
60. Corporal Edwin Keith SUTHERLAND (died 21/08/1943)
61. Squadron Leader Sydney WICKENDEN (died 26/08/1943)
62. Flight Sergeant Walter JONES (died 12/09/1943)
63. Sergeant George SINCLAIR (died 19/10/1943)
64. Sergeant Donald Joseph COTTER (died 23/10/1943)
65. Sergeant Norman Stewart FORBES (died 23/10/1943)
66. Warrant Officer Donald Brooke BROWN (died 29/11/1943)
67. Sergeant James STONES (died 29/11/1943)
68. Flying Officer Arthur Edward MOULE (died 29/11/1943)
69. Flight Sergeant Denis John Anthiny MITCHENER (died 29/11/1943)
70. Flight Sergeant Robert Alfred Charles BURNETT (died 29/11/1943)
71. Warrant Officer David Strang COUTTS (died 29/11/1943)
72. Sergeant Ronald Andrew SENIOR (died 29/11/1943)
73. Flight Sergeant John WILSON (died 29/11/1943)
74. Flight Sergeant Frederick John OAKLEY (died 30/11/1943)
75. Sergeant Gerald Leonad BUIST (died 06/04/1944)
76. William Alfred RODWAY (died 06/04/1944)
77. Pilot Officer Harold George FREW (died 19/04/1944)
78. Squadron Leader George Acheson Bowen JOHNSTON (died 22/05/1944)
79. Sergeant Harry Gordon BARNFIELD (died 18/08/1944)
80. Flying Officer Leslie Norman BOWLES (died 18/08/1944)
81. Flying Officer Harol George Roy STAPLEFORTH (died 18/08/1944)
82. Sergeant Kenneth NEVILLE (died 18/08/1944)
83. Warrant Officer Robert Samuel LYLE (died 18/08/1944)
84. Sergeant Charles Frederick MOORE (died 18/08/1944)
85. Flying Officer Leslie Arthur SHAW (died 18/08/1944)
86. Sergeant Cyril ROBERTS (died 18/08/1944)
87. Sergeant John DICKSON (died 18/08/1944)
88. Squadron Leader Leonard SIMM (died 25/08/1944)
89. Corporal John Anthony GOODHEW (died 09/09/1944)
90. Flight Sergeant William John FOX (died 12/02/1945)
91. Flight Sergeant Kenneth James DAVIES (died 19/03/1946)

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The dedication of the Gibraltar Cross of Sacrifice is as follows:

"The Cross in this forecourt is similar to those raised in War Cemeteries throughout the world. In grateful and undying remembrance of the sacrifice made by the sailors, soldiers and airmen from all parts of the Commonwealth who died during the two World Wars."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *
The dedication for the Gibraltar Memorial is as follows:

"The officers and men whose names are honoured on the panels nearby were buried at sea. With their comrades who lie buried in the North Front Cemetery and in the Jewish Cemetery they gave their lives at Gibraltar while serving their country."

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