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The War Memorial for the Diocese of Lille

1. Notre Dame de la Treille Cathedral, Lille
2. The Diocese of Lille War Memorial

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of Lille in northern France [Photograph No. 1] is dedicated to Notre Dame de la Treille. Inside the cathedral is a stone memorial tablet commemorating the diocesan priests, religious and seminarists who lost their lives in WW1, WW2 and the Algerian War [Photograph No. 2].
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Additional information

Lille's cathedral of Notre Dame de la Treille

The main facade of Notre Dame de la Treille [Photograph No. 1] was opened December 19, 1999 by the then Archbishop of Lille, Monsignor Gerard Defois. This frontage was conceived by a local architect, Pierre-Louis Carlier and built under the guidance of another architect, Raymond Pâques, it is completely independent from the rest of the cathedral design and structure.

Its central part has an ogive (nose-cone) shape which is 30 metres high. It is covered with 110 white marble slabs, each one 28 mm thick. The metal structure which supports it is by Peter Rice who was also the designer of the Sydney Opera House.

Towards the top of this facade is a 6.5 metre diameter stained glass window that was designed by Ladislas Kijno. It is made from 20 separate panes of tempered glass and held together by a stainless steel frame. What is the theme of this stained glass window? Firstly, for a Christian building, there is the face of Christ. But there is also a 'Jesse tree', King David playing the harp, the Archangel Michael slaying the dragon and a number of other symbols.

The main door is 5 metres high and made of glass and bronze by Georges Jeanclos (who died before completion of the project). Its decor has the theme of a vine trellis with some bunches of grapes on it (N.B. 'treille' = trellis in English). The central pillar is that of the Holy Virgin (i.e. 'Notre Dame'). The two side doors, which are the usual entrance for this frontage, were made from sketches by Maya Salvado Ferrer.

The war memorial for the diocese of Lille

Lille's diocesan war memorial [Photograph No. 2] commemorates the priests, religious (i.e. monks) and seminarians of the diocese who died because of the two World Wars and the Algerian War. Although the memorial lists the numbers who were killed in each conflict, it does not individually list their names.

Below is a translation of the memorial:

Remembering the victims

"In memory of the thirty-eight priests, forty-six monks, and seventy seminarians of the Diocese of Lille died for France during the Great War 1914 - 1918, the thirty-eight priests, six religious, seminarians of twelve 1939 - 1945, and two seminarians AFN From 1956 to 1958."

The original wording is as follows:

Hostia pro hostia

« À la mémoire des trente-huit prêtres, des quarante-six religieux, et des soixante-dix seminaristes du diocèse de Lille morts pour la France pendant la Grande Guerre 1914 - 1918, des trente-huit prêtres, des six religieux, des douze seminaristes 1939 - 1945, et des deux seminaristes A.F.N. 1956 - 1958 »

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