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Crosscanonby War Memorial, Cumbria

1. Crosscanonby Parish Church (St. John the Evangelist)
2. Crosscanonby War Memorial (WW1 dedication)
3. Crosscanonby War Memorial (WW2 dedication)
4. Names of the 'Fallen' on the war memorial
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Additional information

Crosscanonby Parish and the War Memorial

The West Cumbrian parish and village of Crosscanonby has had a settlement since at least Roman times. With the sea to the west and the Cumbrian fells to the east Crosscanonby lies on the Solway plain a little to the north of Maryport. This area was of great strategic importance to the Roman occupiers of northern Britain and there is the remains of a Roman fort in the northern part of the parish, close to the coast This is Mile Fort No 21 which formed part of the Roman system of defence running along the coast from the western end of Hadrian's Wall.

The name 'Crosscanonby' is believed to be derived from the old Norse meaning 'the village marked by a cross' suggesting an early Christian settlement in the area. It is believed there has been a place of worship on the site of the present parish church since at least the time of the Viking settlers. The present parish church [Photograph No. 1] dates from at least the 12th Century and has been extended several times since, most notably in the 1880s. It is dedicated to St John the Evangelist.

Crosscanonby War Memorial is located in the churchyard close to the lych gate entrance. As with many war memorials, it was originally erected to commemorate local people who lost their lives in the so-called 'Great War' of 1914 - 1918. The original dedication is on the front of the memorial facing the lych gate [Photograph No. 2]. It is made of grey granite and was solemnly unveiled on 26 September 1920. The names of those who died in the 1914 - 1918 war are engraved on the sides of the plinth.

After the Second World War the names of parishioners who died in the 1939 - 1945 war were added to the rear of the plinth [Photograph No. 3]. Crosscanonby War Memorial lists 12 names of parishioners from WW1 and 5 from WW2 [Photograph No. 4].

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'The Fallen' of Crosscanonby

Below is a transcription of the names listed on Crosscanonby War Memorial:

"In undying memory of

Lieut. Norman Clark, R.F.A. and R.F.C.
Killed 18th March 1918
Aged 23 years

Sergt. William Pattinson, 18th D.L.I.
Died 24th Sept. 1918
Aged 29 years

Corpl. David Bell, Scots Guards
Killed 30th July 1917
Aged 28 years

Corpl. Thomas Hornsby Walker, 5th Border Regt.
Died of wounds 2nd May 1917
Aged 18 years

Lance Bombr. Joseph Bell, R.F.A.
Died of wounds 7th April 1918
Aged 21 years

Gunner Harold O'Neil, R.F.A.
Killed 23rd April 1917
Aged 26 years

And of

Pte. William Armstrong, H.L.I.
Killed 9th Jany. 1917
Aged 26 years

Private George Gant, 8th Border Regt.
Killed 10th April 1918
Aged 35 years

Pte. Wilfred Harris, 11th Bord. Regt.
Killed 2nd Dec. 1916
Aged 20 years

Pte. John Harrison, 7th East Yorks.
Killed 18th Sept. 1918
Aged 21 years

Pte. Frank Tarney, 11th Bord. Regt.
Killed 18th Nov. 1916
Aged 22 years

Pte. Charles Wade, 5th Bord. Regt.
Killed 1st Oct. 1916
Aged 33 years"

"The World War 1939 - 1945"

Sergt. Arthur Gibbons, R.A.F.
Killed 17th December 1941
Aged 20 years

Jane Ann Shepherd, W.R.N.S.
Died 20th January 1942
Aged 27 years

P.O. Joseph Shepherd, R.N.
Killed 19th August 1942
Aged 29 years

Sergt. Wilfred Bland, R.A.
Killed 18th June 1944
Aged 25 years

Stores Asst. Edward Harrison, R.N.
Killed 20th October 1944
Aged 19 years"


On the front plinth of Crosscanonby War Memorial is the following dedication:

"These died in war,
That we in peace might live,
These gave their best,
So we our best should give,
Not for themselves -
For Justice, Freedom, Right,
They fought and bid
Us forward to the fight."

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Blogger Western Maryland said...

Sergt. William Pattinson, 18th D.L.I. died and is buried in Hagerstown, Maryland, USA.
His aunt and uncle lived in Maryland.

Monday, 09 November, 2015  
Blogger Western Maryland said...

William Pattinson died and was buried in Hagerstown Maryland in 1918. See His aunt and uncle lived in Hagerstown at the time.

Monday, 09 November, 2015  

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