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Dearham War Memorial, Cumbria

1. Dearham Parish Church and the war memorial

2. Dearham Parish War Memorial in the churchyard

3. Dearham Parish War Memorial (front)
4. WW1 names on Dearham Parish War Memorial
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Additional information

Dearham Parish and village, Cumbria

The large West Cumbrian village and parish of Dearham is situated midway between the market towns of Cockermouth to the east and Maryport to the west. Its name is derived from the Old English words for 'deer' and 'settement'.

Dearham Parish Church (Church of England) is dedicated to St Mungo, an alternative name for the north British saint, St Kentigern. The present church building, seen in Photograph No. 1 (above), has been developed over the years beginning in the 12th Century. However, the stone work provides evidence of the Roman and Viking settlement in this area.

The main Dearham War Memorial is a pink granite cross situated in the church grounds, close to the main church door [Photograph No. 2]. It was originally unveiled, in the aftermath of the 1914 - 1918 war, on Wednesday 28 April 1920. Later, a tablet commemorating those who died was unveiled inside the church.

Following the Second World War the names of those who died in that war were added to the front of the memorial, beneath the original dedication [seen in Photograph No. 3]. The names of those who died in the First World War are engraved on the sides of the plinth [Photograph No. 4].

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Remembering those who died in the World Wars

The dedication on the front of Dearham War Memorial to remember the local people who lost their lives in the World Wars reads as follows:

"To the Glory of God
And in Lasting Memory of
The Men of Dearham
Who Fell in
The Great War 1914 - 1918
This Cross is dedicated
By the inhabitants of Dearham"

"Also those who died in the War 1939 - 1945"

This is the list of names of those who died in the Second World War engraved on the front of Dearham War Memorial:

Edward Hodgson
Thomas H. Jenkinson
Jane A. Lister
Joseph Lister
Edward Lynch
Percy Mossop
Leonard D. Nicholson
Henry Rook
David T. Sandham
Sidney J. Wilson

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This is the list of WW1 names engraved on Dearham War Memorial:

John Bailey
John Brown
John Osborne Brown
James Brannan
John Henry Gate
Joshua Kennedy
John Robert Lee
Thomas Maxwell Litt
William Musgrave
Joseph Martin
John Mitchell
Joseph Moore
Frank Nixon
Wlifred Pattinson
James Thompson Scott
Fred Spark
Joseph Studholme
Tom Young

Alexander Bell

Walter Archer
William Henry Nealey
John Serginson
Robert Henry Weightman


This article is dedicated to those from the Dearham area who gave their lives in the two World Wars.

"Went the day well?
We died and never knew.
But, well or ill,
Freedom, we died for you."

[John Maxwell Edmonds (1875 - 1958)]

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