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Harding's Battery, Gibraltar

1. The restored Harding's Battery
(Europa Point, Gibraltar)
2. The 12.5" RML gun mounted at Harding's Battery
(Relocated from Dockyard South site in June 2013)
3. One of the restored former ammunition chambers
(These now host interactive information displays)
4. A WW2 soldier on lookout in one of the chambers
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Harding's Battery, Europa Point, Gibraltar

Harding's Battery at Europa Point, Gibraltar Ron is named after Sir George Harding, Chief Engineer at Gibraltar in 1844. It was the site of gun battery for many years although it saw many changes and continued to be updated until the late 20th Century when it became obsolete.

During the Second World War a Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft gun was sited at Harding's Battery as part of the southern defensive fortifications of the Rock of Gibraltar. The battery overlooks the route from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and across to the North African coast.

In 2010 work began to restore Harding's Battery as part of an overall project in the Europa Point district of Gibraltar. The first part of the work was completed in 2011, with visitor centre displays created in what used to be the underground ammunition chambers beneath the gun emplacement.

In June 2013 the 12.5 inch 38 ton RML gun (actual weight 50 tons / 45 tonnes) located at Dockyard South Gate was moved to Harding's Battery and mounted in the gun position. This gun was originally sited at Alexandra Battery.

Photograph No. 1 shows Harding's Battery in its restored condition while photograph No.2 shows a close up view of the 12.5 inch gun. Photograph No. 3 shows one of the former ammunition chambers. They have been made out with interactive displays on various aspects of Gibraltar's heritage - such as its prehistory, maritime history and ornithology. Photograph No. 4 shows the mannekin of a WW2 soldier on lookout at the battery.

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