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Embleton & Setmurthy War Memorials, Cumbria

1. Embleton (St Cuthbert) parish War Memorial
[Lists three WW1 casualties and one WW2 casualty]
2. Embleton (St Cuthbert) WW1 parish war memorials
[Found inside the parish church]
3. Embleton (St Cuthbert) parish church, Cumbria
[The Celtic cross war memorial is in the churchyard]
4. Setmurthy (St Barnabas) parish church, Cumbria
[The WW1 war memorials are found inside the church]
There is one WW2 casualty buried in the churchyard

5. Setmurthy parish WW1 memorials found in the church
(Left): Brass plaque remembering three WW1 casualties
(Right): Stained glass windows for Nurse Dorothy Fisher
6. War casualties buried at Embleton and Setmurthy
(Left): WW1 casualty Pte. Alfred E. Watson (Embleton)
(Right): WW2 casualty R.SM. John Marston (Setmurthy)
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Embleton and Setmurthy War Memorials
The civil parish of Embleton, Cumbria in the north-west of England is a largely rural area between Cockermouth and Keswick. It adjoins Bassenthwaite Lake, the only expanse of water in the English Lakes District that is actually a lake (all the others are either 'meres' or 'waters'!).

Within the civil parish, there are three relatively small ecclesiastical parishes: Embleton (St Cuthbert), Wythop (St Margaret) and Setmurthy (St Barnabas). As the war memorials for the three ecclesiastical parishes overlap to some extent and are all within the civil parish of Embleton they are considered together for the purposes of this article.

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The War Memorials
In the churchyard of Embleton (St Cuthbert) is a stone war memorial in the form of a Celtic Cross [Photograph No. 1]. It lists the names of three WW1 casualties: Thomas Cecil Beck, Alfred Edmund Watson and Robinson Watson, the latter two being brothers. Private Alfred Watson, Canadian Infantry, is buried nearby in the churchyard. There is one WW2 casualty listed on this memorial: R.S.M. John Marston who is actually buried in the churchyard at Setmurthy.

Inside Embleton church is a framed WW1 'Roll of Honour', listing the names of all those from the ecclesiastical parishes of Embleton and Wythop who served in WW1, including those who died [Photograph No. 2 (left)]. A similar framed 'Roll of Honour' is found inside the chuch at Wythop. Of the six casualties listed, three were from Wythop and three from Embleton. Also inside the church at Embleton is a wooden plaque remembering the three Embleton casualties of the 1914 - 1918 war [Photograph No. 2 (right)]. The church at Embleton and part of the churchyard can be seen in Photograph No. 3.

The church at Setmurthy, dedicated to St Barnabas, can be seen in Photograph No. 4. There are two WW1 memorials found inside the church: a brass plaque listing the names of three parishioners who died: Lieutenant George W.H. Hodgson, Lance Corporal Thomas Strickland and British Red Cross Volunteer Nurse Dorothy Fisher [Photograph No 5 (left)]. There are also two stained glass windows in the church in memory of Nurse Dorothy Fisher [Photograph No. 5 (right)]. One of the figures is of St George, England's patron saint while the second figure is St Dorothy, Dorothy Fisher's patron saint. Although she is remembered as a war casualty in her home district, Nurse Dorothy Fisher is not listed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

War casualty burials at Embleton and Setmurthy

Embleton churchyard has one CWGC burial: WW1 casualty: Private Alfred E, Watson [Photograph No. 6 (left)]. Setmurthy churchyard has one CWGC WW2 casualty: Regimental Sergeant Major John Marston [Photograph No. 6 (right)].

This is the C.W.G.C. citation for Private Alfred Watson:
Rank: Private
Service No: 622444
Date of Death: 09/12/1915
Age: 24
Regiment/Service: Canadian Infantry 44th Bn.
Grave Reference: In West part.
Additional Information:
Son of Robinson and Jane Watson, of The Crossing, Embleton.

This is the C.W.G.C. citation for R.S.M. John Marston:
Rank: Warrant Officer Class I
Trade: R.S.M.
Service No: 7683787
Date of Death: 19/11/1945
Age: 33
Regiment/Service: Corps of Military Police
Grave Reference: N. W. Portion. Row 4. Grave 4.
Additional Information:
Son of William and Mary Marston; husband of Margaret Ella Marston, of Embleton.

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