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VE Day 1945 The Gibraltar Way

1. Gibraltar Chronicle, Tuesday May 8 1945
The front cover on VE Day 1945

2. Gibraltar Chronicle, Wednesday May 9 1945
The front cover on VE Day +1

3. Gibraltar Main Street, Monday evening May 7 1945
(Published in Gibraltar Chronicle, May 8 1945)

4. Gibraltar's Alameda parade ground, VE Day 1945
The crowds gather to celebrate 'Victory in Europe' 
(Published in Gibraltar Chronicle, May 9 1945)

5. All set fair with the Royal Navy at the Gibraltar fair
Two Naval Ratings help four young lads to enjoy the fair
(Published in Gibraltar Chronicle, May 9 1945)

6. Alameda Parade Ground, Gibraltar (May 2019)
Now a municipal car park next to the cable car
[Thanks to Gibraltar Garrison Library for access to the 'Chronicle' archive]
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Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

The 'Gibraltar Chronicle' daily newspaper reported VE Day (Victory in Europe Day) from an international, national and local perspective. In the edition of Tuesday May 8 1945 the front cover reported the main war news in Europe especially the "greatest surrender in history" with the surrender of all German forces at land. sea and air (photograph No 1 above). It also included the first photograph of the VE celebrations on the Rock with celebrations on Gibraltar's Main Street (photograph No 2 above).

The following day's edition again reported the international and national news of the war as well as the local celebrations in Gibraltar (photograph No 3). Alameda Parade ground was bedecked with flags and bunting and this was the main focal point for the gathering of the armed forces and civilians living on the Rock at the time (photographs no. 4 and 5 above).Celebrations included listening to the radio and the key speeches of Prime Minister Winston Churchill and King George VI, music, singing and dancing, a firework display after dark and an artillery barrage.

Many people also attended church services remembering the sombre side of war. The official VE Victory March in Gibraltar took place on the Saturday of Victory in Europe week. In latter years Alameda parade ground is now used as a municipal car park and the location of the bottom station of the Gibraltar Cable Car (photograph No 6).

(Thanks to Gibraltar Garrison Library for access to the 'Gibraltar Chronicle' archive).

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