Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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German PoWs. Click to enlarge

This is the image on the left. It is a still from a colour film, it shows the end of the Afrika Korps, German PoWs being escorted by French troops, A British Red Cap can be seen on the left.

King Beach - 6 June 1944. Click to enlarge

The image on the right is a wrecked British troop carrier on King Beach on D-Day. So it must have belonged to the 69th Brigade; they came in with two battalions side by side, the 5th East Yorkshires and the 6th Green Howards, supported by tanks of the 4th/7th Dragoon Guards.

King Beach - Ver-sur-Mer. Click to enlarge

I didn't realise that huge placards were erected on the beaches to facilitate identification. Makes sense really, since they faced out to sea. A lot had been learned by 1944. King Beach was a subdivision of Gold Beach.

The center image needs no explanation. I chose it to represent the civilian contribution to the war and in particular that of women.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting pictures of what we heard only on the BBC during the german occupation Never saw any pictures of course!!

Wednesday, 01 February, 2006  

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