Monday, February 06, 2006

Welcome to the Blog, Ron - and a belated welcome to Ritson

Welcome to both of you, I'm sure you will have no need of the FAQ, but it's there if you need it. I did post a welcome to you, Ritson, on Saturday, in fact I posted it twice, but it kept getting wiped out. Fortunately we seem to be back to normal.

Not bad, in 6 days the membership has doubled from four to eight!


Blogger Tomcann said...

If I may add my welcome to both Ritson and Ron Mac, I am quite sure that their joining us will not only increase our membership by 100% but add immeasurably to the discussions.
Ron and I are old correspondents as his Father was a member of the H&P's - Hastings and Prince Edward regiment of 1st Bde of the Canadian 1st Inf div.Which wa the ivision my Tank Bde supported all the way from Ortona to their exit from Italy to join the other three Canadian Divisions in NW Europe in Jan/Fen '45.
Ritson of course we all know as a prolific writer on the most valuable contributions of his fellow members of the Cumbria

Monday, 06 February, 2006  
Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

Hello Tom, Peter and everyone again,

Well, I finally seem to have got connected correctly and just about got the hang of this site (I think!)

Incidentally Tom, I've recently come across a photo in a book of your dear Lady Nancy Astor when she visited Cumbria in 1955 (unveiling the plaque for George Washington's grandmother). As Lady Astor is coming out of the church, the the Border Regiment band are playing a fanfare. I assume the tune was not Lili Marlene!

More seriously, I found it most striking that people I know who were in Italy in 1943 / 45 have said very little about that period. For those who were also in North Africa that period is much more likely to be discussed.

Here's looking forward to hearing more from everyone.


Monday, 06 February, 2006  
Blogger Ron Goldstein said...

And a hearty welcome to both of you from yours truly !

Might I suggest that a few words in your Profile, setting out your interests and areas of expertise, would be of help to others hitting on this site for the first time.

Ron G

(purely to distinguish me from Ron C) :)

Tuesday, 07 February, 2006  
Blogger Ronmac said...

I am a newcomer to the world of blogging so I'm still feeling my way around. I promise to sound reasonably intelligent. How do I edit my profile?

Tuesday, 07 February, 2006  
Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

Hello folks,

I have edited some of my personal information. How did you doe the upload of a photo to the site? I dowloaded the 'Hello' link and then uploaded a photo of me to that. But this doesn't seem to have transferred to this Blog. I thought you might appreciate being able to see a fairly recent photo of me.

Of course, I do not sing the favours of Lady Astor! It was strange how Lady Astor was given a Civic welcome to my hometown of Whitehaven in 1955, including the fanfare from the Regimental band. This is still history to me as it before i was born!

I've just read through the account about Rimini, which is really good. Now that colecting accounts for the "People's War" site has ended I am going to catch up on reading up on the areas I had to skip through previously. I did study a little about recent Modern History in Italy for one of my University course. Some of the latter part of the war was covered, but it rather seemed to emphaise the role of the Americans ('Rome, Open City' etc).

However, I have just began reading a book by a lady now living in Cumbria about how her family was deported by the Russians initially from Poland to Siberia in 1940. After several moves, they eventually landed at Liverpool in 1948. What happened in this part of what was then eastern Poland seems to be very little known. There is an account on the "People's War" site by a lady called Helena Zylko (Account A2571031) whose experiences are similar to the lady whose book I am reading. Conditions in a labour camp were hard, and if anything, I would reckon the journey to freedom seemed to have been even worse.

This site seems to be going fine.
Best wishes to all.

Wednesday, 08 February, 2006  
Blogger Ron Goldstein said...

In case you hadn't noticed another Ron has just come aboard, so a hearty welcome to yet another Ron, Ron Allen this time.
(There might be a case for re-naming this particular thread "Welcome Aboard")

Thursday, 09 February, 2006  

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