Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Postscript to "Day Leave in Rome"

At the risk of repeating my many recommendations for GOOGLE EARTH I thought you might like to see how good the actual program is.
One of the first stories I posted on the old BBC WW2 site was one entitled Day Leave in Rome

The story told of my visiting the main Synagogue, crossing the Tiber and finding a small garage that had been vandalised.

Using GOOGLE EARTH I can now see most graphically the route that I took some 62 years ago.


Blogger Tomcann said...

Ron -
as I also recollect - that time you were visiting the Roman Synagogue - I was visiting St Peter's Basilica for yet another jaw dropping look at all the treasures therein - you no doubt have verse and chapter of that day in your diary whereas I was a good soldier and obeyed KRR's !

Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  
Blogger Ron Goldstein said...

When I posted the photo of you on the ice-cream cart, I forgot to paint in the golden halo that should have floated above your head.
Sorry about that.....

Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  
Blogger Peter G said...

Halo, halo, halo, wots all this then?

Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  
Blogger Tomcann said...

Peter - not a big secret - just that on one occasion which we both recognised at the time- Ron and I were in Rome on a particular day - I have forgotten which one it was but no doubt Ron will have verse and chapter on the dates.
It can be narrowed down though as being after the liberation and before Ron - and the 78th Div - took off for their "hols" in Egypt - unlikely to be after the Gothic line when he went on to Venice and I finally returned to Rieti - close to Rome in that I was able to escape to the Eternal City almost every week - end to continue my study of St.Peter's.
My eldest son and his family will be in Rome next week and I have instructed the Grandchildren to visit the gallery of the Dome and to whisper into the wall where it can be heard clearly 180 degres on the other side and also - if it can be arranged - to visit the Golden ball which is situated more than half way up the spire over the dome.
One day - eight (8) of us squaddies climbed up and reclined for a few minutes inside that very small looking golden globe.
We didn't believe it either when a Basilica staff member told us but it represented a challenge, and we verified it !

Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  
Blogger Tomcann said...

Frank - talking about bills - did you know that when Pope John XX111 took over in the Vatican - 1959
- he opened the desk drawer and found two envelpoes - One was the third secret of Fatima - the other was a bill for supper for 13 at a downtown upper room in Jerusalem - he put them both back as they had nothing to o with him !

Wednesday, 05 July, 2006  

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