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The CWGC Cemeteries in Malta, G.C

One of Malta's War Cemeteries - the Pieta Military Cemetery
(Photograph by Mr John B. Wright)

On the Maltese islands, the Commonwealth War Graves Commission maintains the graves or memorials for almost 6000 graves of Commonwealth service men and women from both World Wars, over 200 war graves of other nationalities and almost 4000 non-war graves. Some of the burials are in civilian cemeteries, but most of the war graves were made in the military cemeteries that were already in existence prior to WW1. There is also a Memorial for airmen who lost their lives in the Mediterranean area and have no known grave, and a memorial for the Maltese civilians who lost their lives in WW2.

(For a list of Malta's War Cemeteries and Memorials click on 'Comments' below)


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The principal CWGC War Cemeteries and Memorials in Malta are as follows:

1. Malta (Capuccini) Naval Cemetery
(About 700 WW2 burials and 350 WW1 burials)

2. Imtarfa Military Cemetery
(About 250 WW2 burials)

3. Pembroke Military Cemetery
(About 300 WW2 burials)

4. Pembroke Memorial
(Commemorating about 50 WW2 burials elsewhere on Malta)

5. Pieta Military Cemetery
(About 150 WW2 burials and 1300 WW1 burials)

6. Addalorata Cemetery
(About 250 WW1 burials)

7. The Malta Memorial
(Commemorating about 2300 WW2 airmen lost in the Mediterranean area with no known grave)

8. The Malta Civilian Roll
(Commemorating about 1500 Maltese civilians who died in WW2)

For futher information about the Commonwealth War Graves Commission refer to its website:

[Thanks to the CWGC and Mr John B. Wright for the above information]

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