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Memorial to the Fallen of Bamburgh

(Top) The WW2 ‘Roll of Honour’ for Bamburgh, Northumberland

(Bottom): The War Memorial of Bamburgh, Northumberland
The above photographs of the War Memorial at Bamburgh, Northumberland were taken during a visit to the village and the castle. It is situated in a cutting beneath the landward side of Bamburgh Castle. This is the village of the Victorian heroine Grace Darling, who is buried in the local churchyard.

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Additional information

(1) The War memorial

The Bamburgh War Memorial depicts the crucified Christ on the cross of Calvary. Either side of this are tablets listing those villagers who fell in one of the World Wars. The WW1 list is on the left of the photograph as you look at it and the WW2 tablet is on the right.

Beneath the Christ figure, the following words are engraved:

“Greater love hath no Man” (partly weathered)

“”To the Glorious Memory of the Men of Bamburgh who gave their lives for their country in the wars 1914 – 1919 and 1939 – 1945”.

“May They Rest In Peace”

(2) The Fallen of Bamburgh during WW2

The tablet listing the names of the 15 Souls from Bamburgh who died in WW2 reads as follows:

1939 – 1945


William Anderson
Cecil Coskan
Leslie Davidson
Thomas Aidan Gibson
Robert Hall
Ernest B.L. Hart
Nicholas A. Hinson
Charles Morgan
Kenneth S. Morton
James Nairn
David M. Potts
George M. Potts
John Humble Sinton
Ian Brack Souter
James Straughan

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