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A Town Afloat and a Town Ashore

Photograph of book about Beverley by Geoffrey Blewett
HMS Beverley was the 'town afloat'
Beverley town (E. Yorks) was the 'town ashore'

The book "HMS Beverley: A Town Afloat (1940 - 1943) and The Town Ashore" by Geoffrey Blewett details the history of HMS Beverley in WW2 until the time it was lost and also the town of Beverley (East Yorkshire). It is a worthy tribute to those who served - and died - while serving on HMS Beverley as well as the communities with whom it had a special connection.

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Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

In 1998 a memorial service was held at Beverley Minster for those who had lost their lives on HMS Beverley in 1943. Geoffrey Blewett's book was published shortly afterwards and covers the history of the vessel from being built until it was lost in the Atlantic in 1943.

Additionally, the book also outlines many of the wartime activities in Beverley (East Yorkshire), Merthyr Tydfil (South Wales) and Beverley (Massachussets, USA) all of which had an affinity with HMS Beverley and its crew. It is certainly worth reading and full of interesting information.

[NB One misprint in the version I read was that it said Joseph Chamberlain was Prime Minister early in the war rather than NEVILLE Chamberlain].

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