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Singing in the rain!

Billy and Margaret Pye following an Armistice Day Memorial Service
Still smiling and 'singing in the rain' despite the weather
Billy is a veteran of the Normandy campaign
He landed at 'Onaha Beach' on 8 June 1944 (D+2)
Billy Pye and his wife Margaret like singing and dancing, particularly the music of the American musicals of the 1940s and 1950s. So it seemed rather approporaite that Billy and Margaret can shrug off the rainy skies and keep smiling, as one had to do all the time during the war years.
For most of WW2 Billy worked with the Americans and landed on 'Omaha Beach' in Normandy on 8 June 1944. While in France, Billy was lucky enough to see the Glen Mille Orchestra in Paris, although this was shortly after Glen Miller disappeared duruing a flight across the English Channel.
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Additional information:

During the war years William (Billy) Pye, Service No: 14551307 served with the 155th Line Section, 16th Air Formation, Royal Corps of Signals. He landed in Normandy in the American Sector at Omaha Beach on 8 June 1944 (D +2). Omaha Beach was the most costly in terms of casualties of the five Normandy Landing Beaches, and consequently is often referred to as ‘Bloody Omaha’.

Billy’s unit was involved in installing and maintaining telephone lines initially in the American Sector of Normandy. While serving in Normandy, Billy met several of the key Allied Generals of the campaign such as Eisenhower, Montgomery and Patton. As referred to above, Billy also heard the Glen Miller Band in Paris. On the same evening, Billy was also lucky enough to meet and talk with Company Sergeant Major Stan Hollis V.C. of the Green Howards – the only Allied serviceman to be awarded the Victoria Cross on D-Day.

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