Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A British Boy in Fascist Italy

Peter Ghiringhelli's book, entitled A British Boy in Fascist Italy is of major interest, both as a testimony on what happened to himself and his family, but also to give one an insight of what went on in Italy in WW2, and in Britain before that.
First, I'd like to point out that it is extremely well written, making the read particularly enjoyable. So many of such accounts are hard to follow, or drily written. Not this book. Peter achieves the difficult task of mingling personal anecdotes, all very much to the point, and crucial data that allows the reader to fully grasp how tough everyday life was at that time.
Those of us who were born after the war, into a world where things are comfortable enough, will be amazed at what a kid's life was made of at the time.
Those of us who think they know Italian history will discover the full picture of the devastation the country underwent, between 43 and 45 in particular.
At the same time, the documentation and account are as accurate and rigorous as can be found in a history thesis.

But finally, what I like best is the humanity that pervades the whole book, the warmth with which he describes everyone and everything. Naming the victims for instance, is something I am particularly sensitive to.

Peter's book is a lesson in morality, that everyone should read. Fortunately it is very easy to obtain, and I do hope the publisher has foreseen that a big number of copies should be on the ready for orders!
Thank you Peter, for this formidable contribution.


Blogger Ron Goldstein said...

A brilliant story, long in the making but one that will truly fill a gap in the annals of WW2 history.

Well done that man !


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