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"Dig for Victory"

WW2 "Dig for Victory" leaflet
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Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

The leaflet seen in the above photograph dates from July 1943. It was used as part of the campaign to encourage people to grow their own crops throughout the year.

Additionally, the UK Ministry of Agiculture issued a series of leaflets providing guidance to civilians how to plan ahead. This was to enable families to have their own home grown vegetables every week of the year.

To quote from another Ministry leaflet:

"Grow for Winter as well as Summer".

Vegetables for you and your family every week of the year. Never a week without food from your garden or allotment. Not only fresh peas and lettuce in June - new potatoes in July, but all the health-giving vegetables in WINTER - when supplies are scarce ----- SAVOYS, SPROUTS, KALE, SPROUTING BROCCOLI, ONIONS, LEEKS, CARROTS, PARSNIPS and BEET.

Vegetables all the year round if you .....


(This leaflet then goes on to give a detailed planting and cultivation plan).

For those families able to cultivate their own crops, supplemented by freshly caught rabbit, pigeon or fish they may well have been eating a better balanced diet than many living in the 'Fast Food' age. Not every family had an allotment or garden available. Yet for those that did have a small plot of land available it was well worth supplementing food on ration.

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