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Sgt. Moses Jones, 7th Bn Border Regt.

Headstone of Sergeant Moses Jones
7th Battalion, The Border Regiment
Whitehaven Cemetery, Cumberland (now Cumbria)

The headstone of WW2 casualty Sergeant Moses Jones, 7th Border Regiment, can be found in a lonely, if peaceful, section of Whitehaven Cemetery. Sergeant Jones met a tragic end while on home service in the South of England on 10 May 1941. His body was returned to his hometown of Whitehaven where he was laid to rest.

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Additional information

At the beginning of 1941 the 7th Battalion The Border Regiment was one of eight battalions from the regiment based in Britain. The 7th Battalion, to which Sergeant Moses Jones was attached, had grown out of the 5th Battalion when war was declared in September 1939. The 5th Border was a West Cumbrian Territorial Battalion. The 7th Battalion then became a training and defence battalion, supplying drafts for other battalions as required.

Along with the 6th Battalion The Border Regiment and the 8th Battallion The King's Regiment, the 7th Battalion made up the 198th Brigade (initially part of the 66th Division). After the Dunkirk disaster (May / June 1940) the Brigade were withdrawn from the 66th Division and, until 1942, involved for much of the time in the defence of the south coast.

Although involved mainly on home defence or training the 7th Battalion had a number of casualties (killed or wounded). Tragically, one of these casualties was Sergeant Moses Jones (Service No 3594293). Sergeant Jones died on 10 May 1941. He was the son of Moses and Elizabeth Ann Jones of Woodhouse, Whitehaven and the husband of Rose Jones. He was laid to rest in the old part of Whitehaven Cemetery (Grave Ref. 2.G.25).

The epitaph on Sergeant Jones' headstone, apparently chosen by his mother, has been taken from the fourth verse of Laurence Binyon's poem "For the Fallen":

"At the going down of the sun
And in the morning,
We will remember him.

A final tribute:

Sergeant Moses Jones, Border Regiment

"Here lies one at rest with God
May he rest in Eternal Peace".

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