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L’heure passe, l’amitié reste

« L’heure passe, l’amitié reste ».
“The hours pass, friendship remains”
(Sundial motto, Hope Park, Keswick)

The sundial seen in a snow-covered Hope Park, Keswick, Cumbria has a timeless French motto: « L’heure passe, l’amitié reste ». This can be translated into English as: "The hours pass, friendship remains".

Particularly in the bleak midwinter of December and January this is a greeting Keswickians often pass on to family and friends the world over.


Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

During the Second World War Keswick and district in northern Lakeland was a reception area for a large number of evacuees. In particular, the district welcomed a number of educational establishments from other parts of the UK. These included scholars from elementary schools from the North East of England, Central Newcastle High School, Hunmanby School (Filey, Yorks.), Liverpool orphanage, Roedean School for Girls (Brighton, Sussex) and St Katharine's College, Liverpool.

Among the things that many of the young evacuees to Keswick would remember in the years after the war were:
(a) the long cold winters of Northern Lakeland;
(b) the lake (Derwentwater) freezing over;
(c) family and friends back home;
(d) the warm friendship given to them by the Keswickians.

For many of the wartime evacuees, the friendships forged at Keswick, either among their own group or wih the locals, are what they remember the most. It was this friendship that helped them get through the adversity of separation.

"At home, one relies on parents. Away from home, one relies on friends".
[Chinese Proverb]

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