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A Dunkirk Veteran's Final 'March Past'

Private John L. S. Lowrey, Dunkirk Veteran (Above left) 
Veterans 'march past', Whitehaven,Cumbria 
(June 2011)

In June 2011, 71 years after the Dunkirk evacuation, WW2 veteran John L.S. Lowrey took part in the Veterans 'march past' at the Whitehaven Festival, Cumbria. John marched at the rear of the gathering of 'old soldiers', arm in arm with one of his daughters. This would prove to be John's final 'march past' as he passed away a few months later on Friday 16 March 2012. 

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Additional information

The final salute to "John L."

Mr John Lawson Stephenson Lowrey, known to most of his close friends as "John L." passed away on Friday 16 March 2012 at the age of 92. John was a Dunkirk Veteran and had been the Secretary of the West Cumbria Branch of the Dunkirk Veterans Association for over 30 years. The branch was formally disbanded and its standard laid up after the 60th anniversary of the evacuation in 2000. He was also an Associate Member of the Normandy Veterans Association

John was a regular attender at remembrance services to honour those who lost their lives in the war. He had visited France a number of times with both the Dunkirk Veterans and Normandy Veterans.

John was the son of William Lowrey and Sarah Lowrey (nee Stephenson) and the husband of the late Annie Lowrey (nee Hall). John was also a father, grandfather and great-grandfather as and a good friend to many.

John's funeral service was held at St Peter's Parish Church, Kells, Whitehaven on Monday 26 March 2012. In 1939, just before going off to war, it was in this same church that John married his sweetheart Annie. John and Annie were one of the first couples to marry in St Peter's church which was dedicated in September 1939.

John Lawson Stephenson Lowrey ("John L.") [1920 -2012]
May he rest in peace.

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