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A hero of the Dieppe raid

Headstone of  Stoker Thomas Rumney 
Keswick (St John's) Churchyard 
Keswick, Cumberland 

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Additional information

Stoker Thomas Rumney died of wounds following the Dieppe raid on 21 August 1942. At 18 years old Thomas Rumney must have been one of the youngest Allied casualties of the Dieppe raid.

At the time of his death Stoker Thomas Rumney was serving on the French submarine Chasseur 13, Calais (chasseur = hunter). The vessel was under Royal Navy command at that time. Chasseur 13 was one of 7 French navy submarines to take part in the Dieppe raid of 19 August 1942.

Thomas Rumney was the son of William George Rumney and Mary Ellen Rumney of Keswick, Cumberland (now Cumbria). After his death Stoker Thomas Rumney was interred in St John's Churchyard in his hometown of Keswick.

The epitaph on Thomas Rumney's headstone reads as follows:

"Safe in heaven's harbour.
His duty nobly done".

Stoker Thomas Rumney:
Gone, but not forgotten!

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