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Per ignem vincimus - Through fire we conquer

1. A Lancaster over the North Killingholme village sign
2. Badge of 550 Squadron, North Killingholme Church
3. 550 Squadron memorial, North Killingholme, Lincs. 
4. Village war memorial, North Killingholme, Lincolnshire
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Additional information

Per Ignem Vincimus: this is the Latin for "Through fire we conquer". During WW2 it was the motto of the Royal Air Force's 550 Squadron, a heavy bomber squadron based in Lincolnshire, firstly at RAF Waltham and then at RAF North Killinghome.

The squadron was equipped with Avro Lancaster bombers. A model of a Lancaster bomber was later placed above the village sign at North Killinghome, the home of 550 Squadron between 3 January 1944 and 31 October 1945 (Photograph No 1).

The squadron's badge was an erect sword of fire, one of which has been retained at North Killingholme Parish Church (Photograph No 2). The badge was said to symbolise firstly, 550 Squadron's power to force its way through barrage of fire and secondly, the opposition fighters to complete their bombing missions.

In remembrance of the Lancaster bombers that once flew from North Killingholme, the road leading to the former airfield has been officially renamed Lancaster Road. It is on Lancaster Road that the 550 Squadron memorial can be found (Photograph No 3). Each year, on Remembrance Sunday, local residents and relatives of those who served in 550 Squadron hold a commemorative service at the memorial.

Another war memorial can be found at North Killingholme, Lincolnshire. This is the village memorial in the Parish Churchyard remembering 'The Fallen' from the parish who gave their lives in the two World Wars (Photograph No 4).

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Further information

For further information about RAF 550 Squadron and North Killingholme:

(a) click on the following link to read the RAF Bomber Command summary of 550 Squadron:
Brief history of Bomber Command No.550 Squadron

(b) click on the following link for the website of the RAF 550 Squadron and North Killingholme Association:
RAF 550 Squadron and North Killingholme Association


RAF 550 Squadron and North Killingholme Association

The villagers and parish of North Killingholme, North Lincolnshire.

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