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Warcop War Memorial, Cumbria

1. Warcop War Memorial (front face)
2. Warcop War Memorial (detail of front panel)
3. Warcop War Memorial (First World War names)
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Additional information


Warcop is a civil and ecclesiastical parish which is now in the Eden District of Cumbria. Prior to the 1974 local government reorganisation Warcop was in the county of Westmorland (East Ward). Warcop Parish Church (Church of England) is dedicated to St Columba. Until the early 20th Century there was some lead mining within the parish - some evidence of which can still be seen.

In 1942, during the Second World War, a tank and gunnery range was established on much of the higher land of this otherwise largely rural parish. After the war the Ministry of Defence has continued to use the Warcop Training Area as a tank and gunnery range. Access to much of the higher land within the parish remains restricted due to the gunnery range.

The War Memorial for Warcop is found close to the centre of the village [Photograph No. 1]. Effectively, there are two types of commemoration on this memorial:

(a) 'Those gave their lives'

The front panel of the memorial is dedicated to the local people who gave their lives during the two World Wars [Photograph No. 2].

(b) 'Those who served'

The rear panel and the two side panels of the plinth take the form of a 'Roll of Honour dedicated to all the parishioners of Warcop and district who served in the Armed Forces during the 1914 - 1918 war [Photograph No. 3]. These panels also include some additional information about the individuals, such as their rank, decorations and if they had been wounded or killed. However, there is no equivalent 'Roll of Honour' for the Second World War.

Remembering Warcop's parishioners who died in the World Wars

(a) Remembering 'The Fallen'

The front plinth of the Warcop War Memorial lists the names of parishioners who gave their lives in the First World War of 1914 - 1918 (referred to as the 'Great War'). Below this panel, is another panel listing the names of those parishioners who died in the Second World War of 1939 - 1945.

At the base of the panel, engraved into the sandstone, is a rifle and sword above a quotation from the last line of the poem by Rudyard Kipling (1865 - 1936) "For all we have and are":

"Who dies if England live?"

(b) Parishioners of Warcop who died in the First World War

The names of Warcop's parishioners who gave their lives in the two World Wars are listed on the front of the War Memorial [Photograph No. 2 above]. These are listed below:



Pte. Balmer, F.
Gnr. Beatham, R.S.
Capt. Birdwood, C.W.B.
Pte. Brown, J.J.
Lt. Col. Buckle, C.G., D.S.O., M.C.
Pte. Dent, J.
Pte. Graham, J.W.
A.B. James, J.
Pte. Horn, J.
Pte. Robinson, F.
Pte. Robinson, H.

(c) Parishioners of Warcop who died in the Second World War

1939 - 1945

Fothergill, Jean
L.A.C. Ellwood, J.
F/t. Sergt. Ellwood, W.E.
L.A.C. James, T.A.
A.C. Thwaytes, H.

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Warcop's parishioners who served in the 1914 - 1918 World War

In addition to commemorating the people of Warcop who died in the Word Wars, the War Memorial also lists the names of all parishioners who served in the Armed Forces during the 1914 - 1918 war. The names are listed on three panels of the memorial's plinth [Photograph No. 3 above].

(a) First panel:

Parish of Warcop
Served in the Great War

Sergt. Allen, R. P.
Pte. Atkinson, H.
Pte. Balmer, F., killed
Pte. Balmer, J., wounded
Pte. Balmer, T. E.
Gnr. Barnes, T. W.
Corp. Beatham, E.
Pte. Beatham, J. W., wounded
Gnr. Beatham, R. S., killed
Capt. Birdwood, C. W. B., killed
Pte. Brown, J. J., killed
Lt. Col. Buckle, C. G., D.S.O., M.C., killed
Maj. Gen. Buckle, C. R., C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.
Pte. Burton, J., wounded
Pte. Burton, W., wounded
Lt. Chamley, H. P.
Maj. Chamley, W.
Capt. Chamley, T. C.

(b) Second panel

Pte. Chapman, A.
Pte. Chapman, G., wounded
P.O. Cobb, H.
Pte. Dent, E.
Pte. Dent, J..
Sergt. Dent, W. H.
Pte. Ellison, J.
Pte. Ewbank, R. W.
Pte. Fothergill, J.
Pte. Fothergill, R.
Pte. Gowling, J. H., M.M.
Pte. Graham, J. W., killed
Sig. Gregson, J. R.
Pte. Gregson, T.
Pte. Grisdale, T., wounded
Gnr. Hall, S.
Pte. Hall, T., wounded
Corp. Hodgson, J.
Pte. Horn, J., killed
Corp. Horn, R.
A.B. James, J., killed
C.S.M. Kirby, S. W.
Pte. Latimer, T.

(c) Third panel

Capt. Longstaff, J. T.
Gnr. Metcalfe, A.
Pte. Metcalfe, C.
Spr. Metcalfe, F. R.
Corp. Richardson, C. S., wounded
Pte. Richardson, R. T.
Pte. Richardson, T.
Pte. Robinson, F., killed
Pte. Robinson, H., killed
Pte. Slee, M., wounded
W.O. Walker, T. R.
Pte. Watt, Jno, wounded
Pte. Watt, Jos.
Pte. Watt, R.
Pte. Watt, W.
Capt. Wild, J. A. P., wounded
Lt. Wild, W. P.
Armn. Wilkinson, J. R.
RQMS. Wilkinson, W.
Tr. Willan, J. H.
Capt. Wynne, A. M., A.F.C., wounded
Capt. Wynne, G. C.
Major Wynne, O. E., O.B.E


This article is dedicated to the memory of the parishioners of Warcop and district who gave their lives in the two World Wars:

"In courage keep your heart,
In strength lift up your hand".

[Lines from 'For all we have and are' by Rudyard Kipling].

To read the complete poem 'For all we have and are' by Rudyard Kipling, click on the link below:

'For all we have and are'

Further reading

For further information about Warcop parish, click on the following link to read the summary on the Cumbria County History Trust website (part of the 'Victoria County History Cumbria' project):

Warcop (Cumbria County History Trust)


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