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Kirkby Stephen War Memorial, Cumbria

1. Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria:
a traditional market town in a pastoral setting.
2. "Frank's Bridge", Kirkby Stephen: a local beauty spot
3. Kirkby Stephen War Memorial
Located in the town's Market Square:
it lists the names of those killed in both World Wars
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Additional information

The market town of Kirkby Stephen

Kirkby Stephen is a traditional market town in the Upper Eden valley in the old county of Westmorland (now Cumbria). The town has retained many of its historic buildings, cobbled yards and streets and a lively market place. The surrounding landscape is one of upland pastures and rugged uplands [seen in Photograph No. 1].

Tourism is an important part of the modern local economy. Kirkby Stephen is a staging point of Alfred Wainwright’s ‘Coast to Coast Walk’ and a number of national cycle routes. This is a town with a long and there is an interesting history as well as numerous fables and legends. One of “Frank’s Bridge” over the river Eden named after the brewer Francis Birbeck [Photograph No. 2]. On the town side of the bridge are a number of converted brewery buildings (formerly Birbeck’s).

The bridge itself is a 17th Century corpse lane bridge and the stones on which coffins were rested can still be seen on the right hand side of photograph No. 2. It is said to be haunted by ‘Jangling Annas’, a woman who had escaped from nearby Hartley Castle still in her chains and drowned in the river at this spot. Some claim they still see and hear Annas jangling her chains.

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Kirkby Stephen War Memorial

Following the 1914 – 1918 World War the local war memorial committee sanctioned the removal of a water fountain in the town’s Market Square and a new war memorial erected on the site. Inside the nearby parish church (Church of England) the ecclesiastical authorities dedicated a chancel screen for “… the men who made the great sacrifice.”

The town’s civil war memorial was unveiled in July 1920 and listed the names of the ‘Fallen’ who lost their lives in the recent war. Following the 1939 – 1945 war the locals who had lost their lives in that war were added to the memorial. This is the memorial that can still be seen in Kirkby Stephen’s Market Square to this day [Photograph No. 3].

Below is a transcription of what is written on the memorial:

To our glorious dead 1914 - 1919

AB. F. Horsfield, R. N.
Gnr. J. R. Burrell, R. F. A.
Gnr. R. Hulse, R. F. A.
Gnr. W. A. Lowis, R. F. A.
Gnr. W. Mason, R. F. A.
Gnr. T. Parkin, R. F. A.
Gnr. T. W. Coates, R. G. A.
Gnr. C. Metcalfe, R. G. A.
Gnr. J. Nicholson, R. G. A.
Spr. J. Brockband, R. E.
Pnr. J. Brogden, R. E.
Spr. N. J. Heaviside, R. E.
Pvt. N. Parsley, Coldstream Gds.
Pte. E. Platt, Coldstream Gds.
Pte. R. Horsfield, North'd. Fus.
2nd Lt. J. R. Stephenson, North'd. Fus.
Pte. I. C. Lamb, Royal Fus.
Pte. R. S. Moffatt, Royal Fus.
Pte. W. Hutchinson, Lincolns
Pvt. F. Robinson, 8th West Yorks
Pte. G. T. Robinson, 6th Yorkshire Rgt.
Pte. A. J. S. Dickinson, Lancs Fus.
Pte. W. Hastwell, Cameronians
Pte. G. Calvert, E. Lancs
Pte. C. H. Barker, Border Rgt.
Pte. E. Egglestone, Border Rgt.
Pvt. W. Elliot, Border Rgt.
Pte. W. Grisedale, Border Rgt.
Pte. R. Horsfield, Border Rgt.
Sergt. R. B. Langley, Border Rgt.
Pte. J. E. Robinson, Border Rgt.
Pte. T. Robley, Border Rgt.
Pvt. R. Stephenson, Border Rgt.
Pvt. D. Wilson, Border Rgt.
Pte. J. Woof, Border Rgt.
Pte. J. Atkinson, L. N. Lancs
L/Cpl. G. Dalton, Middlesex Rgt.
Sergt. R. Binks, D. C. M., K. R. R. C.
Sergt. J. Stoker, Manchester Rgt.
Pvt. G. E. Binks, D. L. I.
L/Cpl. J. H. Fawcett, D. L. I.
Lieut. C. O. Sayer, D. L. I.
Pte. G. Brunskill, Gordons
Pte. G. Bellas, M. G. C.
Pte. J. Rourke, M. G. C.
Cpl. M. Chapman, R. A. S. C.
Pvt. J. L. Sayer, Canadians
Pte. W. Brockhill, Labour Corps

1939 – 1945

L/Cpl. T. Binks, R. Lancs. Regt.
Pte. A.F. Birbeck, Border Regt.
Sgt./Pilot E.F. Bousfield, R.A.F.
Sgt. R.N. Dixon, R.A.F.
Spr. J.A. Fawcett
Sgt. D. Gardner
Sgt./Pilot W.B.J. Happoud
Sgt. T.J. Jackson
C.P.O. M.W. Meek, R.N.
L/Cpl. H.F. Sowerby, Border Regt.
Pte. H. Stephenson, Border Regt.
A/S. A. Warton, R.N.

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Dedicated to the memory of the ‘Fallen’ of Kirkby Stephen in the two World Wars:

“The living owe it to those who no longer can speak to tell their story for them.”
(Czesław Miłosz, “The Issa Valley”)

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