Monday, April 21, 2008

The Price Of Fish & Chips

One thing that many historians forget when talking about the ‘Home Front’ is that many fishermen carried on with their normal calling. Receiving £10.0s.0d per month ‘war risk money’, the crews of the trawlers and drifters knew only too well the importance of their duty to bring home the catch.

Merchants and housewives eagerly awaited every box of fish as it seemed like the Island of Britain could soon be starved into submission.

The risks were high too - 116 fishing boats were lost and 58 were damaged from attacks by submarines, E-boats, aircraft and the dreaded mine.


Blogger Tomcann said...

Nick -
This is not too surprising as no British Governements are noted for their generosity - even the labour Government of Attlee after the war refused Field Marshall Alanbrooke
- as well as other high ranking Officers their expected "bounty" - which after WW1 - was 100,000GBP !

Monday, 21 April, 2008  
Blogger Boabbie said...

Hi all re Tom's remark on Alanbrooks bounty. What about all of those who served with the colours and because they were a few days ,weeks or months short of the qualifying time were diddled out of any kind of pension from the war office.
My father in law who had served 8 years six of those on the N.W.F.
before the war was dmobbed in 1938
called up in 1939 was with the B.E.F. at Dunkirk served throughout the war and was told he was 3 months short of qualifying for a reduced pension.He was given the option of signing on again to get the time in. I will leave you to guess at his answer to that suggestion.

Tuesday, 22 April, 2008  
Blogger Tomcann said...

boabbie -
Just proves my point about how generous the British Government can be - they are meanies as the children would say !

How about our Old Age pensions cut by 35% owing to the fact that we live in Canada PLUS taking a bigger exchange rate before they send them out - Via France - Switzerland -Belgium - Phillipines in order to save more money - to hand out to illegals ?

We also contributed to a full entitlement of pension AND medical benefits etc - so we now pay for our own medical stuff - saving millions for HM Government - to keep terrorists in jail ?

Tuesday, 22 April, 2008  

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