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HMS Valiant in WW2

Postcard of HMS Valiant at Gibraltar

HMS Valiant was one of the Queen Elizabeth class battleships belonging to the British Royal Navy. She was launched on 4 November 1914 and completed in February 1916. Therefore, Valiant served in both World Wars.

The above postcard photograph shows ‘Valiant’ in Gibraltar sometime in the 1930s. I found this postcard of the vessel in Gibraltar on behalf of Mr James (‘Jimmy’) Campbell of Whitehaven, Cumbria, who served for a short time on ‘Valiant’ during WW2 after having previously served on a sister ship, ‘Malaya’.

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During WW2 ‘Valiant’ had a varied career. A few of these events are summarised here:

July 1940 - Destruction of the French Fleet at Mers-el-Kebir.

April 1941 – attack on Tripoli harbour under the command of Admiral Cunningham.
Other RN vessels taking part included HMS Barham, HMS Warspite, and HMS Gloucester)

May 1941 - Battle of Crete (damaged, repaired in South Africa)

July1943 – Operation Husky (Allied invasion of Sicily). Later took part in invasion of mainland Italy at Salerno

1944 – Joined the Eastern Fleet (and the war against the Japanese).
Damaged in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka) August 1944.
Sailed to Alexandria (Egypt) via Suez Canal.

July 1945 – sailed to UK, decommissioned and scrapped.

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