Friday, December 18, 2009

Operation Tracer, Gibraltar

Photograph of Dr Bruce Cooper from October 2008
Dr Cooper was visiting the WW2 Tunnels in Gibraltar
He was one of a team involved in the 'Stay Behind' Project

The above photograph shows Dr Bruce Cooper, a retired GP from Preston, Lancashire duruing a visit to the WW2 Tunnels in Gibraltar. During WW2 Dr Cooper was part of a team who were ready to be sealed inside the 'Rock' in the event of the Axis Forces launching a successful attack to occupy Gibraltar. This was Dr Cooper's first visit back to Gibraltar in many years. At this time, in October 2008 he was 93 years old and the last surviving member of the team who were prepared to be sealed inside the tunnels with the intention of sending messages back to the Allies by wireless signal.

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Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

In October 2008 I visited Gibraltar for a holiday, booking into the Rock Hotel. Just in front of me when I was booking in to the hotel was a gentleman, who I seemed to recognise from somewhere. I noticed this gentleman was wearing a Veterans Badge in his blazer, recently issued by the British Government to eligible former service personnel. Having researched many stories about WW2 I thought I had perhaps met this gentleman previously.

However, it turned out while I had not met this ex-serviceman before I had seen his photograph in the press, and a news article about him. It was Dr Bruce Cooper of Preston who had been one of the team allocated to the ‘Stay behind Cave’ in Gibrlatar in WW2.

Saturday, 19 December, 2009  

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