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The ‘John Frost Bridge’ at Arnhem

(Top): The ‘Bridge too Far’ at Arnhem
(Later re-named the ‘John Frost Bridge’)

(Bottom): Hartenstein Museum poster, Oosterbeek

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Additional information

After the Second World War the Arnhem Bridge was renamed in honour of John Frost whose men made a valiant attempt to take and hold the bridge in September 1944. The number Allied wartime veterans who took part in Operation Market Garden inevitably becomes fewer with each passing year. Nevertheless the memory of their valiant attempts to capture the bridge, liberate Arnhem and district and bring an end to the long years of war will also be remembered with the name of the John Frost Bridge.

The following poem expressing these sentiments was written by Arnhem poet and guide Sam Rubens shortly after John Frost passed away.

“John Frost”

For a moment it was silence in the city,
My heart was terrible sore,
The birds are flying over the bridge:
John Frost is no more.

For a moment it was silent in my house,
I see the lead-grey sky,
The flames burnt in my retina:
Images of the past and I sigh.

For a moment it was silent in my heart,
And I think about the courageous man,
Who fought for Arnhem’s freedom:
Forget … I never can!

For a moment it was silent on the bridge,
That bridge that carries his name,
He will always be with us:
His spirit and his fame.
Thanks to Sam Rubens, Arnhem resident, guide and poet for the above quotation. After talking to Mr Rubens at Arnhem I understand he writes poems in both Dutch and English, and the above poem is a translation of one originally written in the Dutch language.

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