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Best Love and Thoughts of Home


(Top): A wartime postcard from Egypt
George Davidson Catterick, R.A.:
Thinking of family & home

(Bottom): A special present from Egypt:
A specially embroidered tablecloth

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Additional information

Warrant Officer George Davidson Catterick, R.A. was a regular soldier. He enlisted with the Royal Artillery in 1919 and went on to serve 26 years 'with the Colours', until 1945, followed by two years in the reserve.

During WW2, as with all soldiers, his thoughts were often of family back home. In 1944, while stationed in Egypt, George sent a special postcard and present to his wife Hannah and daughter Brenda back home in 'Dear Old Blighty'.

The tablecloth, a souvenir of Egypt, was made in 1944 and embroidered with the Royal Artillery emblem in the centre, with four views from Egypt in each corner. The four views are a mosque with minarets, the pyramids, an Egyptian camel (bactrian) and the Sphinx. Back home the tablecloth had pride of place on the table so that each time Hannah and Brenda took tea they could remember husband and Daddy thinking of them. In this way they remained in each others thoughts until the great day they would meet again.


Thanks to Mrs Brenda Ashburne (nee Catterick) for the above photographs and information of her father

For further information about W/O George D. Catterick, R.A.:

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