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Whitehaven Grammar School Memorials

The Whitehaven Grammar School war memorials
(Also known as 'Whitehaven County Secondary School')
Now in St James' Church, High Street, Whitehaven

(Top): The WW2 memorial (45 casualties)
(Bottom): The WW1 memorial (6 names listed)

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Additional information

The Second World War Memorial

This memorial lists the names of 45 casualties. Of these, 42 were men and 3 were women.

In Honoured Memory of the following old students of Whitehaven County Grammar School who made the Supreme Sacrifice during the World War, 1939 - 1945.


J.A.D. Appleby

H. Bawden

W.H.T. Beattie

R. Bewsher

W.F. Birkett

J. Birney

J. Birnie

J.L. Borrowdale

R. Brady

L. Brown

G. Clarke

F.K. Crossley

R.W. Dargavel

W.V. Edmondson

J. Evans

J.B. Gilbertson

W.T. Gill

J.G. Golightly

T.E. Haile

J.C. Higham

L. Horn

W.H. Johnstone

G. McClellan

G. Mattinson

C. Moore

E. Moorhouse

S.T. Park

H.B. Pickthall

T.P. Pratt

W.A. Roberts

G. Scully

S. Spedding

G.E. Steppe

C. Thompson

H. Todhunter

R. Tyson

T. Vernon

W. Walker

H. Watson

C. Williams

T.L. Williams

Elsie Johnstone

Catherine Williamson

Christine M.I. Kitchin

The First World War Memorial
(Included here for completeness)

This memorial lists the names of 6 former pupils of the school (all men) all of whom, it was believed had died in the 1914 - 1918 war. However, one of those listed - Baden Powell Thornthwaite - was not killed in the war.

1914 - 1918

For Honour, For Freedom, For Britain.

They gave their lives.


COWEN, Joseph


MOSSOP, Matthew H.



In 1968 Whitehaven Grammar School relocated from its wartime site in the town centre to the outskirts of Whitehaven (Hensingham). The original school buildings were subsequently demolished to make way for a supermarket and the school's two war memorials were re-located to St James' Church, Whitehaven.

The casualties listed on the two memorials came from towns and villages throughout West Cumberland.

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