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Driver Pat Kelly, RASC (Normandy Veteran)

On parade: Normandy Veteran Pat Kelly [1922 - 2012]

Normandy Veteran Patrick Kelly from Whitehaven, Cumbria passed away on Friday 23 March 2012. Pat, as he was generally known, was 89 years old. During WW2 Pat served with the Royal Army Service Corps (R.A.S.C.) and took part in the Normandy Landings.

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Additional information

(1) Some biographical details

Pat Kelly was one of the six children of James Kelly and Isabel Kelly (nee McAlay) from Whitehaven, Cumberland. Pat was born on 10 September 1922 and baptised at St Begh's R.C. Church, Whitehaven. Pat's siblings were James ('Jimmy'), Henry, Joseph ('Joe'), Catherine and Hannah.

During WW2 five of James and Isabel's six children served in the Armed Forces and all of them came back home safe. His brother Henry was awarded the Military Medal in Burma. n for in

Pat enlisted to the RASC on 31 October 1941 and landed in Normandy on 17 June 1941. His overseas service lasted until 3 May 1946.

In 1952 Pat married his wife, formerly Miss Pauline Bowman, at St Begh's Church, Whitehaven. They have two children, Peter and Barbara.

For many years Pat Kelly was a member of the Normandy Veterans Association and was Branch Treasurer of the West Cumbria Branch (No 51). The branch returned on pilgrimage a number of times, most notably for the 60th anniversary commemorations of the Normandy Landings in June 2004. Thanks in no small part to Pat Kelly and Mr Jim Jolly, Branch Secretary, the West Cumbria Branch of the Normandy Veterans became just like one big, happy family. The Branch disbanded in June 2008 and the Standard passed over to the care of the Parish of Whitehaven.

Pat's funeral service was held at St Benedict's R.C. Church, Mirehouse Whitehaven on Thursday 29 March 2012. This was the 60th anniversary of Pat and Pauline's wedding.

(2) Military service (1941 - 1946)

Brief summary:
Service No: T/10662621
Enlisted: Royal Army Service Corps, 31 October 1941
Service with the colours: 31 October 1941 to 26 May 1946
Overseas service: North West Europe, 17 June 1944 to 3 May 1946
[Took part in the Normandy Landings: arriving in France on 17 June 1944]

Patrick Kelly ("Pat") [1922 - 2012]
May he rest in peace.

(3) Further reading

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