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Wartime Cookery Book (1940)

Wartime Cookery Book (1940)
[Part of the National Food Campaign]
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The Cookery Book and Lord Woolton

The above photograph shows the front cover of a wartime cookery book issued in 1940 as part of the National Food Campaign. This booklet was issued by the Lewis's stores which were mainly based in Manchester and the North of England.

On 3 April 1940 the former managing director of the Lewis store chain, Frederick Marquis, 1st Earl of Woolton (1883 - 1964), was appointed Minister of Food, replacing William Morrison. This appointment was made when Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister and he remained in this role until 1943, serving under Winston Churchill from May 1940.

One of the prmary aims of Lord Woolton as Minister of Food was to ensure that, despite wartime rationing, there remained ample nutrition for all. Booklets such as the one seen above were part of the campaign supporting this aim. A simpler, but nutritionally adequate, diet was called for such as eating bread, potatoes, vegetable oils, animal fats and milk.

Most famously, Lord Woolton gave his name to the 'Woolton Pie', which was made from carrots, parsnips, potatoes and turnips in oatmeal, with a pastry or potato crust and served with brown gravy. It is perhaps the best known 'new' food recipe developed in Britain during WW2!

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