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The A.R.P. "First Aid" Ready Reference

1. The A.R.P. "First Aid" Ready Reference (1938) 
2. Introductory page of the wartime "First Aid" booklet
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Additional information

The WW2 "First Aid" Ready Reference

In 1938 - 39 a First Aid booklet was published by the Police Review Publishing Co. Primarily, it was developed for the Lancashire Constabulary and the Air Raid Wardens Service in the the event of war. It is an updated and expanded edition first published in 1923.

However, it was also useful for A.R.P. Wardens wherever they may be. It would have been useful to my father and his brothers who were members of the St John Ambulance Brigade.

The booklet summarised the suggested First Aid treatment for a casualty. In addition to what a normal First Aider might need to deal with there is a section on "Gas casualties". At the time this booklet was published (just before the outbreak of war) airborne gas attacks on the civilian population was feared to be a possibility. Although this did not in fact happen this booklet shows that the A.R.P. service was as prepared as it could be.

The booklet cost one shilling and threepence, or one shilling fourpence ha'penny (post free). It was printed by: "The Southern Post", 149 Fleet Street, LONDON, E.C.4. The print date on this copy is given as 20.03.1939. It was less than six months later war that war was declared. Those who bought and studied this booklet will have saved thousands of lives during the war.

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I have one of these books if anyone is interested

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