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"Tamzine": a survivor of the 'Little Ships'

The civilian fishing boat "Tamzine" 
A survivor of the 'Little Ships' of 1940
She is now on display at the Imperial War Museum, London
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Additional information

Tamzine's place in WW2 history

The civilian fishing boat "Tamzine" is believed to be the smallest surviving 'Little Ship' that took part in Operation Dynamo: the 1940 evacuation of British, French and Belgian troops from the Dunkirk beaches in northern France. She has a length of 14 feet 7.5 inches (4.5 metres) a beam of 5ft 1,5 inches and a draught of 18 inches. "Tamzine" was built by Brockman & Titcombe in the Kent seaport of Margate in 1937. Her home port was the nearby Birchington-on-Sea.

It now forms part of the Imperial War Museum collection at London (Catalogue No. MAR 556). The above photograph was taken during a recent visit to the museum. The following extract is from the item's descriptive panel in tge museum:

"In May 1940 the Germans advanced quickly through Holland, Belgium and France. The French and British soldiers fell back to the coast, where as many soldiers as possible were rescued at Dunkirk. Hundreds of British ships and small boats crossed the Channel to work the beaches, carrying men to larger ships moored further off the coast."

For further information about "Tamzine" and to view additional photographs on the Imperial War Museum's website click on the following link:
Tamzine (I.W.M. catalogue description)

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