Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Arctic Convey Heroes

On 6 December 2006 there was a news item about the Arctic Convoy heroes finally receiving some long-overdue recognition. A number of Second World War Veterans of the Arctic Convoys, who carried much needed supplies to the Soviet Union were finally given a medal in recognition of their war service.

While some of the veterans were proud to accept the award, according to the news report I saw there were others who felt for an official award it was rather an insult for their effort and the sacrifice that some of their mates had paid in doing their duty. Apparently the actual award is about the size of a penny (the smallest British coin for anyone outside the UK reading this).

Small though it is, and late as it is, at least it is some recognition of some brave souls whose wartime efforts have been largely overlooked until now. It is better to get some recognition now rather than in 40 years time when all the veterans will have passed on. As for the size and value of the medal - what is the intrinsic value of a Victoria Cross? The recognition is surely the important thing?


Blogger Tomcann said...

It has only been four years since the Canadian Government recognised the contribution made by the Merchant Navy as for some reason - it never came to the point of decision with anyone.
Now of course the Dept of Veterans Affairs are falling over backwards to make sure they are represented at all services and commemorations - as it should be !

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