Friday, February 05, 2010

Normandy Veterans Plaque

Normandy Veterans Association (West Cumbria No 51 Branch) Plaque
This was the last plaque donated by the NVA West Cumbria Branch

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Blogger ritsonvaljos said...

A small number of these plaques were made and given out by the West Cumbria Branch of the Normandy Veterans Association. The American actor Tom Hanks, the leading actor in the film ‘Saving Private Ryan’ sent some photographs to Branch members after the film was released. In return, Mr Hanks was sent one of these NVA plaques and voted an honorary member of the West Cumbria Branch.

The Veterans voted that the last plaque be given to the branch’s ‘unofficial historian’, a certain J. Ritson. This was a gesture that was much appreciated. It was presented to him in January 2010 when the surviving full members of the Association were presented with an award from the Normandy Council for Veterans.

Friday, 05 February, 2010  
Blogger Cathie said...

catCongratulations to you on this deserved mark of honour!

Friday, 05 February, 2010  
Blogger Cathie said...

oops-- I meant SINCERE congratulations!

Friday, 05 February, 2010  
Blogger Peter G said...

A much deserved honour, Joseph!

Friday, 05 February, 2010  

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