Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The ‘Cross of Sacrifice’

Photograph of the CWGC ‘Cross of Sacrifice’
(Whitehaven Cemetery, Cumbria)

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The ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ seen in the above photograph is in the old part of Whitehaven Cemetery, to the left of the main entrance gates. However, the same style of cross is found in all Commonwealth War Graves Commission cemeteries throughout the world. This particular cemetery has 75 CWGC casualties (including 1 ‘alias’) from both World Wars: including airmen mainly those who died of wounds or sickness in the UK. The original cross at Whitehaven Cemetery was unveiled on 24 March 1929, although I understand it was replaced by a new one in the late 1990s.

In cemeteries maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission throughout the world one of the main features is the ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ of the sort seen in the above photograph. They are found in war cemeteries dating from both World Wars. Some cemeteries, particularly in France and Belgium, have burials in war cemeteries from both World Wars.

In addition to the CWGC cemeteries sometimes the Commission has dedicated a ‘Cross of Sacrifice’ of the same standardised style and type at other locations. This includes many municipal cemeteries where the Commission maintains a significant number of war graves.

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