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A Calendar of Heroes and Heroines

Pages from the 2006 BBC "People's War" Calendar:
A Calendar of Heroes and Heroines.

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Additional information

Published in 2006 as the active collection of photographs and tories to the BBC "People's War" was coming to an end, the BBC published a "People's War" calendar which was sent out to partners, story gatherers and helpers. The pages shown above come from the one sent to 'Yours Truly'.

The archive itself was created primarily as "... a tribute to the people who lived and fought during the war." In its own right this is a calendar of heroes and heroines: most of them unsung and most of them unheard of before the archive was created.

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The top photograph (above) shows just a few of the photographs contributed by people to the online archive. The second photograph shows photgoraphs from some of the a few of the events held throughout the country where people could contribute their stories. The third photograph is a quotation, chosen no doubt by the "People's War" team, to summarise much of what the "People's War" archive is about:

"My grandmother is a heroine, my heroine, and one of so many unsung heroes. Her story, along with everyone who fought in the war, should be told time and time again, so we never forget, and so that we learn".

The fourth photograph (above) illustrates the month of January. There is a photograph showing women and children liing up to board a train - a special train taking them to a Nazi concentration camp. For most of those seen in the photograph it would have been a one-way journey. Yet, even with all the atrocities that was the Holocaust there were stories that somehow overcame the horrors of what happened. Also seen in this photograph is Eva Clarke who, almost incredibly, was born in a concentration camp and survived. This is one of those stories that should be told so we do not forget and so that we learn.

To read Eva Clarke's family story about how she was born in a concentration camp click on the following link:

To read Eva Clarke's family story about how she was born in a concentration camp click on the following link:

The Baby born in a Concentration Camp

To access the home page of the BBC "People's War" website and search the archive, click on the following link:

BBC People's War Home Page

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The images seen in the second photograph above are from the following events which were held throughout the UK during 2004 and 2005:

East Midlands: St Barnabas Library, Leicester

London: Leicester Square

North West: Victoria Baths History Fair, Manchester

South East: Thanet Library Events

West Midlands: RAF Museum, Cosford

North: Hull Open Centre

East: Margueritte Pattern meets a Churchill impersonator, Suffolk College, Ipswich

Northern Ireland: Newtonlands Air Show

North East & Cumbria: Maritime Festival, Whitehaven, Cumbria

South West: Trebah Gardens Memorial service, Cornwall

Wales: Coopers Fields

Scotland: Darvel

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