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Caen remembers the Jewish victims of WW2

Caen's Memorial tablet to the Jewish victims of WW2
(Located outside the city synagogue)


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Additional information

The WW2 memorial tablet on the wall adjacent to the entrance of the synagogue at Caen, Calvados, France commemorates two groups of people:

1. Those Allied soldiers of the Jewish faith who died during the Liberation of France in 1944

2. The civilian Jewish victims of the war who died as the result of Nazi barbarity.

This memorial tablet was unveiled on 3 June 1984 (or 3 Siven 5744 by the Jewish calendar) as part of the 40th anniversary commemorations of the Normandy Landings.

The wording on the memorial can be translated as follows:

"To the Jewish solidiers of the Allied Armies who fell for the Liberation of France in June 1944."

"To the memory of the Jewish victims of Hitler's Barbarity."

3 June 1984 3 Sivan 5744

The foundation stone of Caen's post-war synagogue was laid on 30 April 1964 (18 Iyar 5724 by the Jewish calendar). Once more, those of the Jewish faith living in the Caen area had a permanent building in which to worship.

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