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André Journet's bust of General Charles de Gaulle

1. Bust of Charles de Gaulle by André Journet
Mounted on a granite plinth donated by the Île de Sein

[Charles de Gaulle Birthplace & Museum]
2. Commemorative tablet for the Journet bust
[Charles de Gaulle Birthplace & Museum]
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Additional information

The Charles de Gaulle Birthplace and Museum is found at No 9, Rue de Princesse, Lille, Nord, France. In the garden where the young Charles de Gaulle, his siblings and cousins used to play as children is a bust by the sculptor André Journet [Photograph No 1].

This bust is mounted on a granite plinth donated by the inhabitants of the Île de Sein, which is commemorated by a tablet on one of the interior walls of the garden [Photograph No 2]. The Île de Sein is an island off the west coast of Brittany with a relatively small population most of whose menfolk have traditionally been engaged in fishing. Following the fall of France in June 1940 almost all the adult men from this island who, having heard General Charles de Gaulle's famous 'Appeal' of 18 June over the radio airwaves, set sail across the English Channel. These men were among the first to join General de Gaulle in resisting the German Occupiers. The islanders were later awarded the honour of being a 'Companion of the Liberation'.

The commemorative tablet about the bust of Charles de Gaulle reads as follows (in French):

« Institut Charles de Gaulle

Socle de granit offert par les habitants de l' Île de Sein, Compagnon de la Libération.

Buste par André Journet. »

In English, this can be translated as follows:

"Charles de Gaulle Institute

Granite plinth provided by the inhabitants of the Isle de Sein, Companion of the Liberation.

Bust by André Journet. "

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