Sunday, June 25, 2017

The War Memorials of Culgaith, Cumbria

1. Culgaith Parish Church and churchyard
Culgaith village, Eden valley, Cumbria
2. Interior of All Saints Parish Church
Culgaith village, Eden valley, Cumbria
3. Culgaith 1914 - 1918 'Roll of Honour'
A list of locals who served in the Armed Forces
4. Culgaith 1939 - 1945 'Roll of Honour'
A list of locals who served in the Armed Forces
5. Culgaith Parish War Memorial, Cumbria
Located at a village crossroads
This face lists those who died in WW1
6. Culgaith Parish War Memorial, Cumbria
This face lists those who died in WW2
Culgaith, Cumbria and its war memorials

Culgaith is a civil and ecclesiastical parish in a mainly rural setting in Cumbria's Eden valley. There are four main village communities in the parish: Culgaith, Blencarn, Skirwith and Kirkland. 

Culgaith village is the largest of these four communities and is where All Saints church, the main church for the ecclesiastical parish, is situated [Photograph No. 1 and Photograph No. 2]. Inside the church is a 'Roll of Honour' listing the names of those from the district who served in the Armed Forces in the 1914 - 1918 war [Photograph No. 3] and the 1939 - 1945 war [Photograph No. 4]. 

At the main crossroads in Culgaith village is a war memorial in the form of a Wheel Cross made from red sandstone which remembers the locals who died in the two World Wars. It was originally erected to commemorate those who died in the 1914 - 1918 war and their names are engraved on the front face of the memorial [Photograph No. 5]. After the end of the Second World War the names of locals who died in that war were added to the rear of the memorial [Photograph No. 6]. 

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ste. Marie-de-Ré Communal Cemetery

1. Commonwealth War Graves Plot
Sainte Marie-
de-Ré Communal Cemetery
Île de Ré, Charente-Maritime, France 
[C.W.G. C. photograph]
2. Graves of three British soldiers of WW2
Sainte Marie-de-
Ré Communal Cemetery
[Jacques Lefebvre-Linetsky photograph
3. Graves of two British soldiers lost at sea
(Left): Pte Cyril George Worrall, RAOC
(Right): Pte William Sullivan, Pioneer Corps

[Jacques Lefebvre-Linetsky photograph]
The War Graves at Ste. Marie-de-Ré Communal Cemetery

Sainte Marie-de-Ré is a small commune on the southern coast of the Île de Ré, an island off the French Atlantic coast. Although far from the main battlefields of the Second World War, nevertheless the communal cemetery of the district is the final resting place of five British and Commonwealth soldiers and two airmen. Their graves are maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission [Photograph No. 1]. Photographs No. 2 and 3 were taken by Jacques Lefebvre-Linetsky during a visit to the Île de Ré in June 2017. Initial research for this article at the Île de Ré was by Cathie Fidler.

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