Sunday, February 21, 2016

Newton Arlosh: “Through the Narrow Gate”

1. The Joiners Arms Country Inn
The N.W. Cumbrian village of Newton Arlosh
[One hub of traditional village life in this area]
2. Newton Arlosh Parish Church and churchyard
Fortified church dedicated to St John the Evangelist
[The second hub of traditional village life]
3. “Through the narrow gate”
The narrow door is a feature of the fortified church
[It has a width of 31 inches / 79 centimetres]
4. The Newton Arlosh War Memorial 
[It remembers the 'Fallen' of both WW1 and WW2]
[Located in the S.W. corner of the churchyard
5. WW1 commemoration on the war memorial
[Listing nine casualties of the 1914 – 1918 war]
6. WW2 commemoration on the war memorial
[Listing two casualties of the 1939 – 1945 war]
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Sunday, February 14, 2016

The War Memorials of Borrowdale, Cumbria

 1. Borrowdale, Castle Crag and the WW1 tablet
(Left): Borrowdale & Castle Crag from the lake
(Right): Castle Crag WW1 memorial tablet 
2. The WW1 and WW2 War Memorial, 
Holy Trinity churchyard, Grange-in-Borrowdale
3. St Andrew’s Church and Churchyard, 
Stonethwaite, Borrowdale, Cumbria
The Celtic Cross WW1 Memorial is on the left

4. (Left): The Borrowdale WW1 ‘Roll of Honour’
(Right): Detail of the churchyard WW1memorial
5. The war memorials inside St Andrew’s Church
(Top): WW1 Borrowdale Church Memorial
(Bottom): WW2 Borrowdale Church Memorial
6. Headstone of WW2 casualty Ted Dover 
Borrowdale (St Andrew’s Churchyard)
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