Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 'Peace Memorials' of Tavistock Square

1. The 'Hiroshima Tree' and memorial plaque. 
Planted by the Mayor of Camden on 6th August 1967 
2. The 'International Peace Tree' and memorial plaque.
Planted by the League of Jewish Women on 2nd July 1986
3. "Gandhi's Beech Tree" and memorial plaque.
This tree was planted in 1997, replacing  one planted in 1953
The original tree was presented by Indian P.M. Pandit Nerhu
4. The Mahatma Gandhi Memorial 
Unveiled by British P.M. Harold Wilson on 17th May 1968
5. The International Conscientious Objectors memorial stone
Dedicated on 15th May 1994
(International Conscientious Objectors Day)
All the memorials seen in these photographs are found in Tavistock Square Gardens, Bloomsbury, London. The photographs were taken in September 2015.
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Friday, September 18, 2015

S.O.E. agent Noor Inayat Khan (1914 – 1944)

1. Noorunissa Inayat Khan (1914 – 1944)
[British Royal Mail special stamp (March 2014)]
2. Part of S.O.E. display, I.W.M., London
[Photograph and WW2 letter of Noor Inayat Khan]
Her S.O.E. code name was 'Madeleine'  
3. Paris and the Eiffel Tower from Paris Trocadero
'Madeleine' was sent to Paris by the S.O.E. in 1943
where she was a key wireless operator.  
4. Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, London
[Noor Inayat Khan lived near here for a time]
5. Bust of Noor Inayat Khan, Gordon Square
Unveiled by H.R.H. the Princess Royal (Princess Anne)
on Thursday 8 November 2012.
6. Close-up of Noor Inayat Khan Memorial
[Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, London

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