Saturday, February 17, 2007

Save one life, Save the world

In another posting on this site I tell of my pleasure in meeting Sir.Nicholas Winton who is world famous for his wartime work in the saving of the lives of Jewish children. One of the books about his exploits is sub-titled "Save one life, Save the world" and this is in fact taken from the Talmud and says, in effect, if you save one life you are also saving all the future generations that follow from that life.

This fact is beautifully demonstrated by the above two images of my dear late friend Peter Morgan who was to survive to be the head of a beautiful family


Blogger Frank mee said...

How true that is Ron and in any belief.
I often wonder as you probably do, why I came through and then of the extended family that would never have been.
I call myself a Christian but not active in any way, I say this because experience says I cannot believe our lives are not ordained in some way, in other words I have not seen the proof either way so must err on the side of maybe.
The story posted yesterday of a mans stand against murder lifted me a lot, there are always those who would save life rather than take it.
Nice pictures and very warming.

Saturday, 17 February, 2007  

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